Lombok: Governor Gives Aid to repair houses of Ahmadis

NTB Governor Gives Aid for Home Improvement of Ahmadiyah Sakti Residents

September 10, 2018  

LOMBOKita - the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara gave assistance to 8 Ahmadiyah Family Heads (KK) who were damaged by their homes due to the actions of Gereneng residents, East Sakra District a few months ago. With the value of assistance each amounting to Rp 40 million per KK in the form of accounts.

While the delivery of the aid was carried out by the Acting Regent of Lotim, HL. Syafii accompanied by the Head of the NTB Social Service, H.Ahsanul Khalik, Head of the Selong District Prosecutor's Office, Tri Cahyo Hananto.

Acting Regent of Lotim, HL. Syafii in his direction said the problems faced by the Ahmadiyah congregation in Lotim with the government were always wisely committed to solve them. Including paying attention to them.

"Evidence of this concern is that the NTB Governor of the Republic of Indonesia is providing home improvement assistance to the eight families of the Ahmadiyah congregation," he said.

Therefore, Syafii continued asking the Ahmadiyah congregation to make the best use of the assistance. This is as expected by the NTB Governor.

Likewise, his side will escort assistance given assistance. So that the Ahmadiyya congregation can quickly finish repairing their houses and then be able to occupy them.

"We hope that the Ahmadiyya congregation will get assistance to immediately repair houses with the existing assistance," said the Acting Regent of Lotim.

At the same place the Head of the NTB Social Service, H.Ahsanul Khalik asserted that his office was sent by the NTB Governor to hand over aid to the Ahmadiyah congregation which was damaged by his house. To be used to repair his house.

With each CoW getting assistance of Rp. 40 million, without any deductions in it as ordered by the Governor.

"Please make the best use of the assistance for repairing the damaged house," said Ahsanul Khalik.

Photo caption Acting Regent of Lotim, HL, Syafii accompanied by the Head of the NTB Social Service, H. Ahsanul Khalik gave aid to eight Ahmadiyah congregations.

source:  www.lombokita.com/gubenur-neb-berikan-bantuan-perbaikan-rumah-warga-ahmadiyah-sakti

NOTE:   GOOGLE TRANSLATE being used. Original article in Indonesian language

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