Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s named 200 times in the grand jury report on child abuse

JMW3SEFTZII6HOVSXFQCFEYCDUCardinal Wuerl target of rising anger after Pa. grand jury report

Source: The Washington Post

In the week since a Pennsylvania grand jury reported on child sex abuse by Catholic priests, Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s reputation has taken a brutal hit.

Wuerl’s upcoming book has been canceled by the publisher, he abruptly pulled out of his role as keynote speaker at a major global meeting in Ireland, and officials are considering taking his name off a high school in his hometown of Pittsburgh, where Wuerl served as bishop for 18 years before becoming the archbishop of Washington in 2006. On Monday, a vandal got ahead of them — covering his name in red spray paint.

Wuerl, an outwardly mild priest and meticulous manager who picks every word carefully when he speaks, has become for the moment the face of a ballooning crisis in the Catholic Church. And unlike the quiet protests and longings for change of past decades, Catholics in 2018 are demanding accountability — and fast.

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  1. As I mentioned before: let’s get all these priests married and then let’s see whether this abuse reduces or not. Worth trying, no?

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