Catholics consider withholding donations amid scandals

800 (4)Source: Associated Press


For decades, Michael Drweiga has opened his wallet whenever the donation basket comes around at church, but the latest revelations of priests sexually abusing children brought him to the conclusion that he can no longer justify giving.

Brice Sokolowski helps small Catholic nonprofits and churches raise money, but he too supports the recent calls to withhold donations.

And Georgene Sorensen has felt enough anger and “just total sadness” over the past few weeks that she’s reconsidering her weekly offering at her parish.

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  1. The world us in a big crisis now.
    Many priest abuse children
    Many Islamic clerics abuse Al Quran.
    They use Islamic symbols to get the power.
    When he got the power they impose Islamic laws to others.

    I do not know what will happen and what God’s plan this world. It seems the world is getting worse and worse!

    All love ❤️

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