How evangelism is growing in a poor, troubled town in Brazil

Brazilians Turn To Evangelical Church In Rural Town Wracked By Drugs And Poverty

Source: NPR

By Philip Reeves

To the outsider, there is a beguiling charm and tranquility about the farming town of Central do Maranhão in northeast Brazil. It’s tucked amid the palm groves, mango trees and rice fields that cover the landscape rolling gently toward the Atlantic Ocean, some 30 miles to the north.


Yet beneath the surface lies a troubled world, where drug and alcohol abuse are corroding the lives of many, especially young Brazilians. It is one of the poorest farming towns in Brazil, a community in the doldrums, where the only other social pursuit that appears to be truly flourishing — apart from booze and narcotics — is religion.

Although it has a population of fewer than 9,000 people, Central do Maranhão has 18 places of worship, of different denominations, ranging from large churches to little more than cubbyholes. There are also about 40 bars, mostly drinking dens no larger than a small room.

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  1. Islam and Ahmadiyyat would be even the better choice. No drugs, no alcohol, divine guidance. We need to work harder on this.

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