Senator Richard Di Natale on Greens muslims and Islamophobia

Richard Di Natale on Greens and Muslims

Source: Australasian Muslim Times

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In late June, Senator Richard Di Natale, Federal Greens leader, granted Manarul Islam, representing AMUST, an exclusive interview in his offices at Parliament House in Canberra.


AMUST:  What is your view on the approach some political parties take on targeting Muslims and other minorities.

RDN: Well there’s no question that Islamophobia is on the rise. Muslims are an easy target and that the political parties of different persuasions attack Muslims because they see political advantage in doing it.

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  1. AMUST: Muslims tend to see the Greens as faithful allies however they see a conflict of values when it comes to LGBTI and the current issue of voluntary euthanasia. How do you counter that amongst the Muslim supporters?

    • Of course we have “gay” Muslims in our Mosques and are happy that they come and are active with us. Just we do not see the need to be ‘militant ‘outists’, if you know what I mean. I do not discuss with you what I do with my wife in the bedroom either. So why should we discuss what you do there. Privacy is Privacy. That is my personal opinion.

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