What comes first in Syria

Aug 01,2018 – JORDAN TIMES

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now touting the need to reconstruct Syria from the ravages of the eight-year armed conflict and rehabilitate it in the face of the millions of Syrian refugees in exile waiting impatiently to return to their country when normalcy returns to their homeland.

Not so fast, French President Emmanuel Macron retorted, and not before the introduction of real democracy to the country. Otherwise, France and other like-minded nations in the world say, the international community would be rewarding the Syrian regime for all the killings and destruction it has caused to its own people.

It makes sense that the rebuilding of Syria from scratch be linked to the establishment of a pluralistic democracy and respect for human rights in the country before pouring in aid and support. The release of detainees and prisoners, estimated to be in the many thousands, who have been unlawfully incarcerated by the regime in Damascus, could be a good start. Accounting for all the disappeared people could be second in order. Holding free and fair elections under the auspices of the UN is certainly sine qua non to any big investments in Syria.

Russia may have “finished” the military dimension of the Syrian conflict by intervening with all its might on the side of Damascus back in September 2015, but it has not established the proper foundation for the rule of law and real democracy in the country. Bypassing these elementary conditions is not warranted and no country would want to take part in the reconstruction of Syria in the absence of these basic developments.

The sooner that Russia and the Syrian government can agree to the establishment of effective democracy and human rights in the country, the sooner could the reconstruction of Syria from the ashes of the war begin. Besides, Moscow owes it to itself to be associated with the return of pluralistic and effective democracy in Syria, especially when it holds most of the cards on the fate of the country.

It is, after all, the image of the Russian Federation that is at stake. Hopefully, Russia would choose to be associated with democracy and human rights in Syria and not with tyranny and systematic violation of human rights.



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  1. Strange article. First of all I would like to say to the French President: Please mind your own business. Secondly reconstruction cannot wait for the development of ‘real democracy’. It took about 500 years in Switzerland, it might not take that long in Syria, but the refugee families cannot wait. They need their houses and schools and hospitals repaired NOW. One small suggestion: Those who bombed it should pay for it.

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    The best solution to get permanent peace in Syria, Iraq, and Middle East we should learn from our old brother Christian are more mature, wiser and successful. Christian conflict between Catholic and Protestant in the past in Europe, 700 years ago, hundreds thousand people died and millions people left their home and escaped to other countries. Now both communities Catholic and Protestant can live in peace, harmony, prosperity and productive way because both sides accepted the differences and respect one another. They really obey Allah’s laws better than Muslim.

    King Saudi Arabia and President Iran have to sit side by side and seek reconciliation then declare to the all Muslm Sunni and Muslim Shia;

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    2. Do not judge other beliefs, do not insult and hurt other feeling.
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    5. all citizen have to obey the existing authority,
    6. The system of Government is democratic secular, majority lead government and separation of state and Mosques. President can not take side of religion, should be neutral.

    all love ❤️
    Wassalamu’alaikum wrwb

    • and Somi again ignores that the Syrian rebels were armed by his dear USA, trained by US trainers in Jordan, paid for as directed by USA by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and UAE. Remember: I have been there and seen it all, including the rebels treated in Jordanian hospitals and sent back to fight the government of Syria again and again. OK, besides this omission your comments are fine.

  3. Rafiq— Thirtd Parties or outside power ( Saudi, US, UK, Rudia, Israel) could not do nothing in Syria IF THERE was no a Group of the Syrian armed rebellion. A groups of rebellion asked for HELP from out sides—-

    Out side power though this is s good chance to help the groups of rebbelion for his INTEREST. If outside power have involved, it is hard to stop the conflict. As we see Syria for 6 years

    All love ❤️

    • As (the now disgraced) Dr. Tariq Ramadan said: “We are being destabilized because we are destabilizable just as we were colonized because we were colonizable”.

    The war in Syria has changed dramatically over the last seven years, rapidly morphing into much more than a battle between those who are simply for and against Syria’s Assad.
    Several countries and groups are involved — each with its own agenda while collectively making the situation extremely complex.

    Key supporters of Syria’s administration include Russia and Iran, while the U.S., Turkey and Saudi Arabia all back government rebels.

    The United Nations estimates that almost 12 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of the civil war in March 2011, with the majority seeking refuge in neighboring countries or within Syria itself.

    The pre-war population of Syria was roughly around 22 million people, meaning so far more than half of the country has been displaced.

    Those who supported Syria’s REBELS has to pay the price to Syrian people.

    May Allah bless President Assad and its people. Allah did not let Assad down— but Allah is in favor President Assad. Syria people LOVE Asaad very much. —I think he is amazing leader.

    Hopefully President Asaaad and his people can take this bitter lesson for the better future. Amen

    All love ❤️

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