China promoting flying of state flags at religious events

Source: Associated Press

BEIJING (AP) — Officially recognized faith groups in China are promoting the flying of national flags at religious events amid a push by the ruling Communist Party to extend its ideological control over religious life.

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Flying the flag would emphasize that the fates of the party, nation and individual are “bound tightly together,” a statement viewed Wednesday on the website of the party’s United Front Work Department that oversees such groups said.

“Raising the flag at religious venues abets the strengthening of religious figures’ and religious believers’ national and civic consciousness and creates a sense of the Chinese nation’s community,” said the statement, issued following a conference of groups representing Buddhists, Taoists, Protestants, Catholics and Muslims.

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  1. No harm. On the Annual Gatherings of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community we always fly the flag of the host country besides the Ahmadiyya flag.

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