‘Arab NATO’ in perspective


It has been reported that US President Donald Trump is pushing for a security and political alliance, involving six Arab Gulf states, Egypt and Jordan, better known as the Middle East Strategic Alliance, but already nicknamed as the Arab NATO — a new bulwark against Iranian threats in the region.

The projected alliance is supposed to sponsor, inter alia, cooperation between the parties to the alliance on missile defences, military training and counter-terrorism measures. The “idea” is scheduled to be discussed and formally adopted at a summit, provisionally scheduled for October 12-13 in Washington.

Without belittling the Iranian expansionist moves in the region and its destabilising policies and practices, one wonders whether an Arab-based military alliance should be one-track minded and concentrate only on Iran, when there are many other enemies to the Arab order, on the top which is, of course, Israel.

It goes without saying that the biggest military threat to Arab security comes from Israel and if there is a plan to create an “Arab NATO”, it should be multifaceted in its goals and include Israel among its list of enemies and not just Iran. Israel, after all, remains the biggest threat to Arab security and stability, and as long as there is no honourable, peaceful resolution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Arabs everywhere will continue to view Israel as enemy number one and not Iran.

Besides, the everlasting threat to Arab security and stability is the absence of true democracy in some Arab quarters. The most savage wars in the region are internal and not external. The proposed “Arab NATO” should therefore have a multidimensional perspective and goals, including the promotion and protection of human rights through viable and pluralistic democratic institutions that meet international standards on both political and economic fronts.

And speaking of the Iranian threat, lines of communication must be left open between the Arab countries expected to join the alliance and Iran. The animosity between the two sides cannot be regarded as necessarily permanent or even long-lasting. Under certain conditions, peace and cooperation can still be re-established between them.



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  1. I would say to the Arabs: Beware of any suggestions coming out of Washington! Of course they have their own interest in mind. If you want to do anything at all, think of it yourself !!!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:

    It is hard to unite Arab leaders— Arab has their own culture since the begening or DNA as describe in Al Quran:

    Based on al Quran the Arabs were a nation that often had conflicts, hostility, kidnappings and civil-wars caused by different ethnicities and religious beliefs. They killed their children foolishly, due to their lack of knowledge Q. 6;140. They were at the brink of a pit of Fire.Q. 3;103.
    Remember the blessing of Allah upon you: When you were enemies to each other, ( killing one another ) and He brought your hearts together, so that, you became brothers through His blessing. You were at the brink of a pit of Fire, then He saved you from it. This is how Allah makes His signs clear to you, so that you may take the right path. QS 3
    Q. 3:103.

    Yes. prophet Muhammad eas successeful to unite Arab TRIBES fow while, but after Death of prophet Arab tribes fighted each other and all Khslifah were killied by themselve. Till today every tribe is enemies one and another— look at Saudi Arabia is against Qatar, Iran, Turkey and Yemen— Saudi has been killing Yanen Children since3 years ago.

    Beside that Allah also describe in Al Quran that most Arab leaders are hypocrite.

    And among those Arab who are around you there are hypocrites, and among the people of Madinah as well. They are adamant on hypocrisy. You do not know them. We know them. We will chastise them twice, then they shall be driven to a terrible punishment (in the Hereafter). QS 9;101.

    I strongly believe that there is no peace in Arab countries except Arab leaders obey Human Right, equality and justice for all. Freedom of religion and expression.

    Even though it is not 100 percent perfect.

    That is way Allah blesses America and its people with peace, harmony and prosperity.

    America is peaceful home for all religion, non religion, or all human that God created.
    America is a home of knowledge.
    America is a generous country in the world.
    America is friendly and lovely people.
    America is a religious country .
    All people, Christian, Jewish, Muslim Sunni, Muslim Shia, Hindu and others say:

    Which country treats all people fairly and kindly?
    Which country obey God’s laws properly?
    Who protect Islamic value?
    America, or West, or Saudi Arabia or Iran ?

    A wise man always look at to himself if there is something wrong, but a foolish always blame others, never learn! Proverb David

    All love ❤️

    • The difference between America and the Arab leaders is that the Arab leaders create discord at home and among fellow Arab neighbors while the American leaders create disorder far from home. Somi unfortunately ignores American foreign policy of Assassinations and Destabilization.

  3. Rafiq— please open eyes , your mind and heart !!
    You said: The Arab leaders create discord at home and among fellow Arab neighbors===

    Saudi Arabia for decades has been exporting the extremist Islamic ideology to the world— dont you see and realize it?

    Dont you see that every Islamic countries ( Pakistan, Indonedia) the extremist Muslim groups create conflict, persecute Ahmadiyya, Christian, Shiah Muslim and other minority group.

    And also the extremist Muslim groups has caused warfare in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and other countries like 9/11, London, Bali, Spane Bombay…etc etc,

    Please Rafiq, you do not need to support the extremist Muslim groups who persecute your brothers ahmadiyyah, instead you have to condemn and fight them strongly and tirelessly.

    This is my adivice to you .
    All love ❤️
    I still keep telling you that you have to protect the right of expression or speech at TMT, dont treat me as minority unjust by censoring my comment and others.

    • You are very repetitive. ‘We heard it all’. And very ‘tainted’ with your love for USA and Israel, not seeing their shortcomings at all. Of course I never support militant extremist ideology. They are sick people. Syrian and Iraq wars were mainly caused by Western interference. 9/11 probably too. Libya of course also (remember: I have been there and seen it all). (Iraq I have been there and seen it all) (Syria: I have been very close and seen it all) Yemen, may be more of Saudi fault, but the US military is there with weapon supplies and ‘consultants’, fueling the war and making sure sufficient innocent people die. The terrorist bombings: yes, crazy mentally disturbed guys, who, however, have no knowledge of Qur’an nor Hadith.

  4. Dear Rafiq— You know exacly the meaning of TOLERANCE, and freedom of expression and love – respect different idea of faith. This is tenet of peace in God’s law.
    If you follow the motto of Ahmadiyya sincerely you do not need to have “ awaiting moderation”.

    Yes, I love US even US is not perfect country—No leader or president or Khalifah, even prophets are perfect. Only God is perfect Rsfiq.

    I urge you and Ahmadiyya work togather with Progressive Muslim ( me) to fight the extremist Islamic ideology— who persecute Ahmadiyyah and Christian in Islamic countries.

    Hopefully God will blesd us Amiin
    All love ❤️

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