Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Presence is the largest.

Source: Samad Ghori of Albania

One of the Muslim groups with a large presence in the state of Chiapas is the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Ibrahim Chechev, an imam from San Cristóbal, told Sputnik of the community’s origin and prospects. Today the Ahmadiyya community is made up of 60 families and this number is increasing.


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  1. Our goal is to promote and correctly interpret Islam to all these people who take it wrong. There is a lot of confusion in society; people usually link Islam with terrorism and abuse of women. Said it truly. While Ahmadiyya all,over the world is trying to preach the real and true teachings of Islam. Its spritual head has also taken extensive efforts to expose the beautiful and lovely face of Islam.

    • Zubair— I appreciate what Ahmadiyyah has been promoting the peaceful Islam around the world. Keep moving on peaceful Islam—

      Let us Ahmadiyya, Ismaili, and Progressive Muslim around the world work hand by hand to promote pluaral society, obeh human right, women’s right, equality and justice for all— freedom of religion, expression and avoid provocative thing that create harm other belief or other extremist non Islam such as: Islamic grocery —- halal food in school, loud soeaker for calling prayer—

      Know it Muslim around the world have many problem are created by the extremist Muslim groups like ISIS, Taliban and Jihadith, besides that we are facing also the extremist non Islam.

      The biggist problem is not Islamophia but the extremist Muslim in Islamuc countries. There are millions extremist sunni and syiah who misguide Million young Muslim.

      I do not know hiw to solve thus problem in SHORT TIME???
      All love ❤️

      • Does anyone agree with Somi? (or should I erase his repeating comments?).

        My view: halal food and halal groceries harm no one. loudspeakers for the call to prayers we do not have in the West, and yes, I would love to have them.

        There are Islamophobes who use huge amount of funding to create hate. Ahmadiyya promote peace – all with volunteer work.

        ISIS, Taliban and Jihadists? a lot of their funds actually come from the CIA and Mossad and their oil-Arab slaves who do as they are told to create disorder, destabalization and destruction. Nothing Islamic behind all that. Power games. The latest effort to create a ‘ARAB-NATO’ of Sunni Arab states to oppose Iran, all planned in Israel and USA, nothing religious about it either, just to ensure continued destabilization of the region, as, unfortunate for them, the Syrian conflict is nearly over.

  2. Totally agree with Mr Rafiq A. Tschannen. The Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah
    be upon him) suggested how muslims can unite to create Peace in the latter days. No other unison except Khilafat can bind Muslim Ummah.

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