Egypt Court Sentences 75 To Death Over 2013 Sit-In

Egypt Supreme Court

Egypt Supreme Court.  The Muslim Times promoting secularism in every country of the world. Emphasis on religion in the public square either leads to sectarianism or unnecessary foreign interference or extreme activities like this judicial decision

Source: Huffington Post

The 2013 sit-in supported former President Mohammed Morsi who was militarily ousted following mass protests.

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court sentenced 75 people to death on Saturday, including top figures of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, for their involvement in a 2013 sit-in, state media reported.

The Cairo Criminal Court referred the sentences to the Grand Mufti — the country’s top theological authority — for his non-binding opinion as is the norm in capital cases. Though non-binding, the formality gives a window of opportunity for a judge to reverse an initial sentence.

The sentences are subject to appeal.

Sentencing for more than 660 others involved in the case was scheduled for Sept. 8, the Al-Ahram news website reported. Those sentences, too, are subject to appeal.

Of the 75 defendants referred to the Mufti, 44 are jailed and 31 are at large. The court normally hands down the maximum sentence for fugitives but a re-retrial is typically held after they are caught.

The case involves a total 739 defendants, including the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie and photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid. The charges range from murder to damaging public property. Neither Badie nor Abu Zeid were sentenced to death in this case.

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2 replies

  1. We believe in justice, human rights and good governance. The Muslim countries are instead constantly involved in a tug of war between Shariah Law and Secularism.

  2. My comment: very sad indeed but when I see most Islamic leaders are hypocrites why?
    When Israel kill innocent protester Muslim condemn loudly. But when Islamic leaders such as: Saudi kill thoudand innocent people in Yamen, —Turkey kill thousand innocent Kurdish in Syris and Iraq, —Egypt kill innocent people in Cairo Muslim leaders around the world do not speak up to condemn loudly.

    Are we, Muslim hypocrite too?

    All love ❤️

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