Outrage grows over attacks on Muslim cattle traders in India

Source: Associated Press


NEW DELHI (AP) — When a mob of Hindu villagers thrashed a Muslim cattle trader last week in western India, police rushed to the scene. First, they took his two cows to an animal shed, then kept him for about three hours in the police station.

When they finally took 28-year-old Rakbar Khan to the nearest hospital around 4 a.m. Saturday, doctors said he was dead.

A series of mob attacks on minority groups involved in cattle trade have been on the rise since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party swept elections in 2014. The opposition raised the issue repeatedly in Parliament this week, criticizing the government for its inability to protect traders.

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  1. I think in this case in India where majority Hindu who believe that Cow is the secred animal, so Nuslim should respect Hindu’s beliefs—there is no way Government to protect Muslim to slaghter Cow or cattles in India.

    So to avoid violent against all Muslims I urge Indian Muslim to restrain not to eat Meat Cow.

    All love ❤️

      • Anyway, it is not wise at all if Muslim slaghter Cows that sacred animal by Hindu at India as mojority.

        It is no thing wrong to restran from eating cow-meat— most Muslim have been practicing fasting from all kind if foods every years and for one month. No problem for good Muslim.

        All love ❤️

      • Once upon a time a Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius invited me for lunch. His wife said : ‘ As the Hindus (she was one) do not eat beef and the Muslims do not eat pork we sort of got used to have only lamb, chicken and duck on our menu[ . … yes, why not.

  2. I am sorry to tell this. I do not intend to insulting others but to share my opinion with you all.

    We live in modren society, we have a great successe to improve our life from primitive to modren.

    At primitive time, people lived in lack of science and technology, or lack of knowledge.
    We undestand why Allah or scholars forfiden people to eat meat pork and Cow.

    At primitive time, the time of prophet Porks ate the rotten food and spread the desease to people. That is why.

    For Hindus people, Cows have been blessing for human to survive— without Cows MILK Hindus could not survive . That is why.

    In 21th century we live in modren style—scientific lifestyle— we should trust on the health experts than Islamic scholars who is bigot , lack of knowledge of health.

    All love ❤️

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