Ahmadiyya Missionary gets a chance to speak about few questions.

Source: Mr Fareed Khalid

Ahmadiyya Missionary Mr Fraz was invited as guest on Live TV program in Lithuania. Link for the Original conversation in local langauge is givne below. (From Minute 20 onwards)
In the beginning the hosts introduced and welcomed calling Vadovas (manager, president ) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Religious community in Lithuania. Than appreciated the level of language saying that you lived only 6 years and we will be talking in lithuanian language. Thank you very much for that.
Q1: Do you feel secured as being a foreigner in Lithuania?
Ans1: My experience here is good, 6 years passed there are no significant number of such incidents, if we need help from police they react very quickly and  people here are very nice.  Our local friends coming to see us bringing gifts and we also bring them gifts, we wish them on events and celebrations we really feel tolerance here.
Q2: It is believed that foreigners or other ethnic groups in Lithuania are being discriminated?
Ans2: I have certain vision that everyone who is coming to foreign country he must integrate very quickly into the society. When i see people not learning local language they face many troubles. As far as we are concern we put our best efforts to become a part of society, participate in different cultural activities that is why there is a less possibility of people’s harsh behavior. Sometimes going in bus local people may get angry seeing foreigners but there are such few incidents that it does not worth to talk about.
Q3: There are some talks happening in Lithuania that police officers do not work properly or they do not react in time, what is your take and have you ever had such hard situations and how did the police react or may be members of your community had such incidents?
Ans3: Our community members live according to laws of the country and try to integrate so we almost have not many such problems but for instance there was one incident when two people ran after me and my friend (a member of our community) they tried to catch us for no reasons we immediately called to police and they really came very quickly and lead us safely to home too. I am really very satisfied with the overall situation.
Q4: May be you ever happened to meet such person who called to police for help and the police did not response properly?
Ans4: I personally do not have such experience and no one told me about such miss handling of police.
Q5: Will you be interested to participate in a protest against police?
Ans5: My vision is according to Islamic teachings. I believe that one should keep making himself better and he will have less problems and if there are some specific problems so that must be resolved in a proper manner.
Q6: Is it difficult to integrate in Lithuania?
Ans6: I feel sad when people are not trying to learn local language. It is absolutely not difficult to integrate into the society we need to communicate with local people and go to cultural events and be in public. It should not be the way that one would come to a foreign country and he does not want to learn local language, does not know the culture, does not want to communicate with people in this case he will be left alone in his house and might face problems.
Q7: I know the fact that may be now finding a job in Lithuanian is not difficult any more but to find an accommodation  or such flat owners who would want to rent their flats to foreigners is still a big challenge. What do you think that such problems still exist here and what shall we do for that?
Ans7: It is really a vital subject. You need to talk more about that and invite foreigners, ask and hear their issues and also the vision of Lithuanian people. It remind me of a phone call when i was searching a flat, an owner refused to rent his flat because i am not Lithuanian. May be organize a series of programs where people shall be invited to discuss on the issue and they can explain their views to one and other.
Q8: What would help you to integrate into society, may be to give more awareness to the public so there should not be problems or barriers?
Ans8: Most importantly a foreigner himself should take initiative. If he has desire he can do everything.
Q9: If some one tells you “Lietuva Lietuvams”(Lithuania for Lithuanians) how would you react?
Ans9: I have heard such a phrase Lithuania for Lithuanians in such a case i feel that i myself am Lithuanian so Lithuania is for me.
Q10: You feel that in some sense you are Lithuanian?
Ans10: yes I think I am.
In the end the hosts thanked saying that thank you for coming and for such an excellent language.

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