Ahmadiyya and Humanity First hand in hand in Kosovo

Humanity First Logo

Humanity First Logo

Source: Jinahuddin Saif, Head AMJ-Kosovo

Distribution of Food Packets getting ready.

On the 8th July 2018, a program by Humanity First Germany in cooperation with AMJ Kosovo was planned . Volunteers set off at  9 o clock from the Mission House of Prishtina equipped with a team of 20 volunteers dressed in caps and vests with the logo of Humanity First and the theme ´´Serving Mankind“. This also was the theme of the project. Prior to project a meeting was arranged with the Chief Director of the municipality of Obiliq. Obiliq is the poorest city of Kosovo. The municipality is located immediately north-west of Prishtina on the main road to Mitrovica.

During the meeting the Chief director  promised the help of police during the distribution of food packages because the poverty has left some side effects. Nevertheless it was planed that he will call the families, but he also told us that there are some families which are handicapped or not able to come these 11 families we will visit after the distribution privately and provide them with the packages.  He told us an incident of one of the families that the husband has died and the wife is taking care of three disabled children and they live in a kind of ‘’hut’’ in between of a coal-mine and an electric power-station.

When food packages arrived in Obiliq-with lorry which included for one family: 50 kg flour, 15 l oil, 2.5 kg noodle, 2.5kg rice,  5 kg sugar, 5 kg salt and 9 packets of soup. One food packet had the price of 39.93€ and depending on the family members it will be a ration for 4-5 months. So we bought these food packets for 111 families. The people started coming in spite of bad weather.  All came with their Id cards which was asked also by the municipality. After starting the distribution with few families came huge number of people rushing to the lorry where discipline was maintained by the police, and it was astonishing to see that 83 families had already arrived making long queue. After few hours we had distributed to more than 135 households. From the municipality side was also a journalist present who was taking pictures and asking the details about the organisation.

Distribution of Food Packets in progress.

After finishing the distribution to the people journey started to the villages, where special people lived that weren’t able to come. AMJ team members visited these people in their homes and provided them with food packages. They were living in very poor conditions and were happy to see us and asked us every kind of information about the organisation. All praise belongs to Allah Taala and due to the blessed prayers of our beloved Imam atba this program was a great success. Alhamdolillah. Many pictures of the event were taken and can be seen at link below:

The link for the pictures.

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4 replies

  1. Ahmadiyya has been declared non-Muslims by Middle Eastern Countries & they are banned in Mecca & Medina because of their anti-Muslim activities. They deceive poor muslims in order to convert them into ahmadiyyat. They are imperialist stooges, working in collaboration with Freemasonry & Zionists to weaken Islam from inside & weaken the Muslim spirit of Jihad against oppression. No wonder, these ahmadiyyas are flourishing in Israel even though Israel is an open enemy of all Muslims.. The whole Zionist western media love Ahmadiyyas even though Zionist western media hates Islam & Muslims.

    • Your comment should be posted under ‘laughter is the best medicine’ !!! It seems you are reading too much ‘internet troll’. None of your ‘allegations’ have anything to back it up with. If you are serious let’s do it this way: You watch a Friday Sermon of the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at on http://www.mta.tv and then you tell me what is wrong? OK?

      By the way: Yes, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at has a presence in what is now Israel. We were there before Israel was ‘born’. Our people asked the Head of the Community at the time whether they should leave or stay. He told them to stay. Just imagine: If all Palestinians would have followed the advice of our Khalifa instead of the Mufti of Jerusalem there would be no Palestinian refugees now! And ‘Israel’ would be a majority Arab speaking State.

    • Khurri can you not witness what the Ahmadiyya Community has done for humanity all around the world ? Have you chosen to become blind dumb def. stop flowing the mainstream media who only put out news to make money. And look at the truth by opening your eyes and so some research. God does not let anyone flourish unless they are doing the work of God.

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