Humanity First and Ahmadiyya Extend help to Needy in Bosnia

Source: Mr Mufeez-ur-Rehman

German Chapter of Humanity First International , in cooperation with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat BiH,  donated to the National Kitchen of the Muslim Charity Society Merhamet in one municipality of Bosnia in Herzegovenia. Alhamdolillah. Donation which secured eatables for next two  months is covered under food security projects of Humanity First.

Donated Items

Eatables donated to Merhamet

Humanity First and AMJ Bosnia  frequently help the functioning of the National Cuisine used by 70 people in Kozarska Dubica,  while talking to Media,   said the Jasmin Spahic, President of Merhamet. He  also explained that with the help of AMJ and Humanity First, meat for the kitchen was provided, and that 50 Ramadan packages were also recently distributed.

President Merhamet expressing his view Point

President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Rahman Mufeezur says that now more than 15 years  their projects in Bosnia have been successfully implemented. “AMJ and Humanity First are helping students to continue their education, endangered families who need minimal resources for everyday life.  AMJ and Humanity First are always at the disposal of needy people and help is offered as much as is possible” Mufeez said. He further explained that the both organisations are funded by the fact that all of their members allocate specific portion of their monthly income for the functioning of the humanitarian organisation and volunteer work.

Head of Ahmadiyya and Humanity First Bosnia talking to Media

Interview of AMJ and Humanity First Bosnian Head to Media

For the sixth year in a row in the People’s Kitchen “Living” users in the state of social need from our municipality receive food. In Merhamet, they say that although donors are getting less and less every day, they will continue to provide services to their users even during the winter months also.

Ahmadiyya and HF Bosnian Head and head of merhamet Bosnia pledge to work together

Note by Editor: For complete news in Bosnian Language and for all the pictures of event please open the LINK here.

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