Myanmar among worst places for human trafficking, US report says CNN Digital Expansion 2017

Source: CNN

Myanmar has joined China, Syria and South Sudan as being among the countries doing least to tackle human trafficking, according to the US State Department’s latest annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report.


The US report specifically cited the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis as the reason for downgrading Myanmar to Tier 3, the bottom rung of the TIP scale, which rates the best performing countries at Tier 1.
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The report said Myanmar’s military operations in northwestern Rakhine State had “dislocated hundreds of thousands of Rohingya and members of other ethnic groups, many of whom were subjected to exploitation in (Myanmar), Bangladesh, and elsewhere in the region as a result of their displacement.”

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  1. Reminds me: When I was Chief of Mission of the UN migration agency Iraq the top official for human trafficking out of Washington DC came to see me and inquired about human trafficking in Iraq. In 2005 or 2006 I said that ‘there is none’. The response of one of his staff was sort of ‘do not worry, where ever we come human trafficking will follow’. Ah yes, destabilization worked and human trafficking followed. (I told him that he should concentrate on human rights abuses among the millions of domestic workers in the region. He was not interested (or did not want to annoy the Arab Governments).

  2. Woow, Rafiq you have many experiences in international stages. You should be a tolerant person— but in reality here TMT you are showing intolerant habit, you do not except the different thought of Islam. You always erase my comment that you do not like others to read it.

    I think Arab culture has influenced your mind in depth which is intolerant mind-set. You do not realise it. Very sad indeed. Whereas Ahmadiyyah promote tolerance and love.

    All love ❤️
    A wise man always respect the different opinion.

    • I only erase repetitions. More than once I allowed all your views. Is there one view which I did not permit at all to be voiced even once?

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