Chinese Uyghurs forced to welcome Communist Party into their homes

Source: CNN

Beijing, China (CNN)More than a million Chinese Communist officials are being dispatched to live with local families in the western region of Xinjiang, a move seen as a sign of the government’s increasingly tightened grip over the area’s predominantly Uyghur Muslim population.


The so-called “home stays,” announced by the government, target farmer households in southern Xinjiang, where the authorities have been waging an unrelenting campaign against what they call the forces of “terrorism, separatism and religious extremism.”


Government statements and state media reports show that families are required to provide detailed information during the visits on their personal lives and political views. They are also subject to “political education” from the live-in officials– whose stays are mandated to be at least one week per month in some locations.

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  1. Dear Rafiq— please respect my comment, and redpect the freedom of expression. Dont erase my comment.

    Progressive Muslim agree Government has to prevent the extremist Muslim groups to create their own Islamic state. Muslim who live in non Islamic country have to obey the law, and never had intention to create Islamic law. ( I.e Philipine, Rihingya, Che Chen, Hamas, Khasmir, Chine, London, Thailand, Aceh Indonesia). Those extremist Groups have been crushed, few thousand extremist Muslim died and suffered.
    God will punish them severe in Hereafter

    Then Allah made them taste disgrace in the worldly life, and of course the punishment of the Hereafter is much greater. Only if they knew! QS 39:(26)

    I disagree if Government forbid Muslim to worship in Mosque and their owm home. If Government impose that Muslim have the right to protest peacefully without violent. Or you have to move other countries who can welcome you

    Progressive Muslim strongly support government to ban all mosques who run by extremist Clerics even in Islamic countries.

    Human Right cannot apply to The extremist Muslim groups. They reject Human Right. The extremist Muslim use the freedom to spread Hatred toward those who do not follow them.

    God’s Warning.
    Extremist leaders ( jews, christian, muslim etc) deceived his followers and then bring on them disaster and misery of life.Proverb Daud

    The sign of extremist Muslim are: they like to use Islamic “LABEL” to deceive Muslim like: halal food. Islamic Bank, Islamic police, Islamic State, Islamic dress, Islamic restaurant, etc etc. the main purpose is to eliminate christian’s products ( goods). This is not the true Islamic teaching— these laws can be applied in war times.
    Extremist Clerics mislead Muslim.
    I hopefully Ahmadiyyah do not follow that kind effort to spread Islam.

    All love ❤️
    A wise cleric always look at to himself if there is something wrong, but a foolish always blame others. Proverb Daud.

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