Indonesia: Yogyakarta Ahmadiyya Movement: Portrait of Humanity and Harmony

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VICTORY. Help each other, strengthen, and together greet the victory. Photo by Dhion Gumilang / Rappler
Yetta Tondang
IDN Times Author

Yetta Tondang

Oleh Dhion Gumilang/Rappler

YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia - Starting from the biological aspect, nationality, religion, even the
abstract thing about the psychological, human beings are created diverse. This natural
potential has been outlined and became a human character from birth.

This natural potential needs to be regulated in order to be the source and cause of 
progress as it will become chaos, ugliness and calamity if not properly used.
One of nature's other naturally human beings is to be a social being. As social beings, 
humans are expected to mingle and live side by side with others.

In that social state they need each other from one another. His life depends on each other.

The Ahmadiyya Movement of Yogyakarta is a movement that responds from the recognition of 
Ahmadiyah as a religious organization incorporated as Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia in 
March, 1953 under the Government of President Soekarno. 
Like a movement, the organizational structure of the Ahmadiyya Movement of Yogyakarta 
is also not much different from the others. Women in the Ahmadiyya Movement also have 
their own structure called Lajnah Imailah. In addition to focusing on activities that
strengthen women's positions, they also play an active role in social activities such 
as educating and supporting women for gender justice, sponsoring orphans, and sharing 
with local residents.


gerakan ahmadiyah yogyakartaM
gerakan ahmadiyah yogyakarta


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