Zakir Naik’s Extradition: MEA Spokesperson gives details

Zakir Naik’s Extradition: MEA Spokesperson gives details
4New Delhi: Mr. Raveesh Kumar, Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) speaking at a press conference gave the details of Zakir Naik’s extradition. He said, “India and Malaysia have an extradition treaty and we have made a extradition request to Malaysia, we are waiting for their response in this matter”.

According to the report published in, in the month of March 2018, the Indian government had sought the extradition of Zakir Naik from Malaysia.

It is also reported that the process of extradition of Zakir Naik started after reports surfaced that Malaysia granted permanent residency to him.

Mr. Raveesh Kumar further said that very soon, the official request would be made to the Malaysian government to send back Zakir Naik to India, reported.

It may be mentioned that when India filed charge sheet against Zakid Naik under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, Mr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Malaysian Deputy PM had made it clear that Zakir Naik will be sent to India upon receiving a request under the “mutual legal assistance treaty”.

It may be noted that National Investigation Agency (NIA) is probing Naik under terror and money laundering charges.


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  1. Rafiq—- We call Zakir Naik is a Wolf with Sheep’s clothing!

    Why, he look like a smart Imam, can memorize nany verses of Al Quran and Buble, but unfortunately he abused hus talent to deceive his follwers and teach hatred toward Christianity or insult Christisn FAITH about Jesus and Bible.

    Whereas Allah forbid Muslim and Christian to insult each others, only Allah knows who is right and wrong.

    He has been trying to hide from Police, but finally India will punish him for his crime.

    Hopefully Ahmadiyah do not follow Zakir Naik interpretation of Islam by insulting Christianity, it us not wise, not right at all, it is haram to insult other faith.

    Indonesia goverment has been trying to jail Razig Shihab ( FPI) who hide in Saudi Arabia. FPI is a extremist islamic group in indonesia who persecute Ahmadiyya many times.

    All love ❤️

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