Saudi Arabia’s once-powerful conservatives silenced by reforms and repression

Source: The Washington Post

Saudi Arabia’s most conservative Islamists are reeling from a loss of influence that has left them confused about their place in a country where they once wielded much clout.

Long a swaggering force, these conservatives now tiptoe on social media outlets like Twitter. In mosques and at community gatherings, they reluctantly criticize recent changes they stridently oppose, such as the easing of social boundaries between men and women.


The architect of their turmoil is Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s young and hard-charging crown prince. His vows to modernize the country have included curbing the influence of the conservatives known as Salafists, who adhere to a strict form of Islam they say is modeled on the way it was practiced during the time of the prophet Muhammad in the 7th century and the generations that immediately followed.

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7 replies

  1. Yes, it is not easy to defead the extremist, but it is possible .
    Hopefully God give him strength and guidance to reform Islamic teaching from ancient time to modren time.

    Ahmadiyyah should not follow the Salafis who keep and practice the old Islamic interpretation, follow the progressive Muslim who modrenize Islam instead.

    Salafism and Wahhabism do not allow to reform Islamic teaching they still implement slave, beheading, flogging, segregation, burqa, discriminate against Non Muslim and Muslim who considered heresy, or khafir like Ahmadiyya and Shiah—syariah law, syariah police, etc

    All love ❤️

    • Alhamdolillah. Allah has always guided mankind. In this age he sent the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi and after him the rightly guided Khalifas to interpret the Islamic teachings up to date for us. If you trust on a Saudi Prince I am afraid you might be disappointed. Follow the ones chosen by Allah. see and

      • Rafiq—I do not want to follow someone’s teaching blindly, I have to learn as much as possible about his teaching, about Ahmadiyyah organization too.

        That is why I like to spend my times here to discuss many issues in Islam today.

        If I follow Ahmadiyya, can I get a worldly paradise and the Next paradise. This is the most important thing in Religion.

        Wait and see Rafiq
        All love ❤️

      • Do we not always pray ‘Grant us good in this life and grant us good in the next life and save us from the pain of hell’ ?

  2. Radiq— what I see ahmadiyya in Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries are not happy at all, mist of them live in poverty and fear.

    Ahmadiyyah us not able yet to protect them and to make them live in prosperity ( good life on earth )

    If someone cannot have a good life ( prodperous) cannot het a good life in here after. Rafiq. This is my belief.

    Ahmadiyyah should be able to protect the life of its members and create many job for them instead of building many mosques. Ahmadiyyah is 100 years old. Right?
    May Allah guide Ahmadiyyah to the better guidance of Islam. Amen.

    All love ❤️

    • In Pakistan and Indonesia, like all over the world, there are rich and poor, successful people and less successful people. We have rich Ahmadis in Pakistan and we have rich Ahmadis in Indonesia, who give many jobs to others too. Such is life. And – if you have noticed, most of our Mosques are humble structures, meant to be full of people and not just ‘show off’ projects. We need jobs and we need mosques. ‘Rich life’ without spiritual life is meaningless. Both need to go ‘hand in hand’. Alhamdolillah, the Ahmadi richer people are contributing a lot to the common good, both creating jobs for others and helping Jama’at projects here and there and Humanity First as well (benefiting the poor and not only Ahmadis).

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