US has relocated Da’esh and its heads Abu Bakar Baghdadi to Afghanistan.

Source: ET


Iran has warned Pakistan to careful as the Islamic State is being relocated in border region shared between Pakistan and Afgahnistan.

Official sources told The Express Tribune that a senior Iranian official informed a delegation led by Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) Ashtar Ausaf Ali that Iran have credible intelligence reports that the US has relocated Da’esh and its heads Abu Bakar Baghdadi to Afghanistan.

The official also informed that the US and Israel intend to turn Pakistan and Iran into another Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. A delegation led by Ashtar Ausaf Ali visited Iran on the invitation of Iranian AG Muhammad Jaffer Monatazeri two weeks ago to discuss various issues, especially related to the judiciary of both countries.

The AGP was accompanied with Additional Attorney General Syed Nayyar Rizvi and Deputy Attorney General Syed Nayyab Gardezi. The visit remained successful in various ways.


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  1. When ‘Islamic State’ was ‘defeated’ in Syria a US General is reported to have said ‘but we need them’. Yes, what is done openly and what is done ‘behind the scenes’ is usually different.

  2. The ‘common knowledge’ in the region among Iraqis and their neighbors was always that ‘daesh’ is being organized and financed by the Americans and that they could ‘finish them off’ in no time if they wanted to. The ‘common knowledge’ was always that weapons and other equipment were delivered to them directly. Sometimes the Americans claimed that some ‘airdrop’ went to Daesh ‘by mistake’, but how many times can you make mistakes like that? Also during the evacuation of Mosul and Aleppo and Raqqa (why again and again?) columns and columns of daesh fighters were allowed to escape. Even at that time ‘common knowledge’ had it that leaders were directly evacuated by American Special Forces. – And Allah knows best.

  3. Look at different way— you will be smarter—

    President Assad is the enemy of US and Israel
    The extremist ISIS is aslo the enemy of US and Israel.

    To win the battle some time we can use our enemy to defeat the same enemy—Assad. There is no thing wrong in Battle— smart strategy.

    US support Taliban to defeat the same enemy Rusia.
    There is no thing wrong— but unfortunately after Taliban succeeded to expel Rusia— Taliban wanted to defeat US. —
    Talivan did not know how to thank to US army.
    That is why US sent its troops to Afghanistan to defeat Taliban.

    Hopefully Rafiq understand now.
    All love ❤️
    I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Ramadhan

    • ISIS never attacked Israel nor USA. (or once they did by mistake and then apologized). Somi: we have different opinions here, that does not mean we need to repeat ourselves again and again.

  4. Isis, Taliban, al Qaida, Bako Haram, Hamas, Hesbullah evil c are the same extremist Muslim who hate US and Christian too.
    If you look the same way we are in the same boat. Rafiq.

    All love ❤️

    • Well, I still have higher expectations from ‘the public’. People can see the difference. People can feel the difference. In Pakistan when a Civil Servant does his job well, without corruption, looking the same like other Pakistanis, the public says ‘he must be a Qadiani’ … In Europe I can see a difference between a sweet hijabi girl and a crazy so-called ‘fanatic’. I would not call them Muslim even, because the latest ‘ISIL terrorist’ in Liege, France: he just came out of jail, he killed someone the day before. Why not just call him a criminal? which he is / was.

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