Trump’s master plan for peace


President Donald Trump’s much-anticipated grand roadmap for the solution of the Palestinian conflict is now in the open with reports suggesting that the Trump’s plan envisages making the village of Abu Diss, in the outskirt of East Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine.

For the Palestinians, this idea borders on being a joke devoid of all features of seriousness and fairness. To expect the Palestinians swallow the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and then to forgo making East Jerusalem as their capital is wishful thinking bordering on being a tragic comedy.

One consolation in Trump’s grand scheme is his implied recognition that the creation of a Palestinian state is a foregone conclusion. What is to prevent the US President from recognising here and now East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state remains an open question.

International support for the idea of making East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine is growing and sooner than later nations will extend recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

It seems that President Trump does not know anything about the village of Abu Diss. He should have a look at it before pronouncing judgement about its status in his futuristic master plan for the settlement of the Palestinian case.

Abu Diss is a proud Palestinian village situated on the outskirts of East Jerusalem and that is how it will continue to be. It has never been the Palestinian capital and it will never be.

Besides, Abu Diss lacks all attributes for becoming the Palestinian capital. The US has now a chance to rectify its outrageous recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last year by recognising the East part of the city as the Palestinian capital. Facts on the ground suggest that there are now two Jerusalems: One in the West and one in the East.

Short of that, President Trump risks putting his master plan for the resolution of the Palestinian question down the drain and end up compounding his grave error of recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


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