Ireland Abortion Vote: ‘It’s Not a Man’s Issue,’ but Male Turnout Is Crucial

Source: The New York Times

ASHBOURNE, Ireland — Until recently, Aoife and Muiriosa O’Sullivan, 23-year-old twins from a religiously conservative family, led nearly identical lives: They wore identical clothes until they were in their early teens, studied the same subjects in college and both went into teaching.

Yet, aside from a quibble over the virtues of veganism, they parted ways for the first time over what could be a defining moment for them and their generation: a divisive referendum on legalizing abortion, set to take place on Friday.


Aoife (pronounced EE-fuh) plans to vote for the measure, saying that a woman has a right to choose what to do with her body. Muiriosa is against abortion under any circumstance, saying she is opposed on moral and religious grounds to the taking of a life.

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