‘A ticket to the next life’: the lavish Buddhist dog funerals of Bangkok

Source: The Guardian

by  in Bangkok

Fou Fou always liked the good things in life. The pomeranian puppy had “a heart of gold” and a taste for expensive grilled pork. Varunthip Manthin loved the tiny dog as much as any of her sons.


When she discovered him dead in the road having been hit by a motorbike, she was inconsolable. Despite her grief Manthin knew one thing: she would give him a funeral worthy of her own child.

And so, on a Saturday morning, Fou Fou’s body was brought to a small chapel in Bangkok’s Wat Krathum Suea Pla temple, laid in a fuchsia pink coffin, set among a kitsch display of plastic flowers, and sent into eternity with the blessings of a monk.

The monks of this temple once only offered such funeral rites for deceased humans. However, that has recently changed as a new market became apparent: beloved pets.

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  1. When I was guest of Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan in New York in 1963 he showed me a dog cemetery, it was beautiful. Recently I visited USA and had to visit some relatives in the grave yard. I must say that the dog cemetery was kept better than the human one. …

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