Breaking News: Houses of new members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at attacked in East Lombok, Indonesia

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A Radical Group Attacked Indonesian Citizens of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Minority Group in East 

While we the Muslim Ummah are fasting in the month of Ramadan, there has been an attack and
destruction of houses and property and the expulsion of the native citizens of East Lombok
belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim minority group by a Radical Group.

For this we request the Law Enforcement Officials to act decisively to protect them and arrest
the radical group members who have committed terror and destruction and have carried out this
unlawful act.

According to the law the State guarantees and protects the right of every citizen to exercise
his conviction.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Indonesia

To read in the main stream Indonesian media: Homes in East Lombok attacked, Ahmadis take refuge at police HQ

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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Are you Ok Rafiq? Is Your cottage fine? Is Your wife Fine?
    Hopefully no one died.

    We just discusse about the extremist Wahhabi—as I advice you always here that our enemy is not US, but the extremist wahhabi.
    US has been protecting all Muslim Ahmadiyya as well in UK.

    This evil act is not true act from the extremist wahhabi —- there is no thing to do with US— no one behind this atracked—purely from the extremist Muslim— please do not blame US—OK!
    US is very kind and US always protect Ahmadiyyah Muslim— or minority groups.

    Hopefully God will protect Ahmadiyyah in Indonesia. Amen
    All love ❤️

    I am sorry to hear a bad news from Lombok, Indonesia. Several days ago, the extremist attacked Churches and Polices.

    Hopefully Police will take care all Ahmadiyyah in Lombok and Indonesia—

    • We (my family and the rest of the Jama’at not in EAST Lombok) are fine. Yes, this incident I do not blame on USA. It is Saudi Arabia alone who is inciting such things. They do not like a Jama’at who is obedient to their own Khalifa and is not listening to the Saudi hunger for power. This however does not mean that the US ‘always protect Ahmadiyya Muslims’. I have observed personally a meeting at the UN Human Rights Council where the US blocked a vote on the issue against Pakistan. Politics come before Human Rights. With billions of cash and arms flowing from the US to Pakistan they could have used their influence in this direction, if they really wanted to. Anyway, yes, in USA our members do have freedom of religion, for which we are all grateful.

      • You are right. For much of today’s political world (and especially the US) “political interests” and “national interests” always come before human rights. If human rights do support US foreign policy goals then the US will appear to champion human rights (as in the alleged chemical attack, by the Assad Government, which if one looks closely is a false allegation). If human rights run contrary to US foreign policy goals then they wouldn’t give a hoot about human rights (as in the wilful persistent Israeli massacre of Palestinians).

        Secondly, let’s not make a huge distinction between Wahhabism and US foreign policy. Wahhabism is that hardline ideology which was first propped up by the British Empire to serve its interests against the Ottoman empire, and over the past few decades has being globalised with the backing of US to serve it’s foreign interests, though paid by the Saudis. This is an interesting response to a question by the fourth Khalifa (ra):

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