Two dozen Israeli missiles or bomber sorties could wipe out Iran’s economy in a matter of hours

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An Israeli-Iran war would not be a limited conflict. Both sides would attempt to destroy the other’s capacity to fight, and the odds for the moment favor Israel.

Two dozen Israeli missiles or bomber sorties could wipe out Iran’s economy in a matter of hours, and that makes a war unlikely for the time being. Fewer than a dozen power plants generate 60% of Iran’s electricity, and eight refineries produce 80% of its distillates. A single missile strike could disable each of these facilities, and bunker-buster bombs of the kind that Israel used last month in Lebanon would entirely destroy them. And as Hillel Frisch points out in the Jerusalem Post, with a bit more effort Israel could eliminate the Port of Kharg from which Iran exports 90% of its hydrocarbons.


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  1. Aught to agree to your point view. But my agreement is not based on any materialistic analysis rather what is mentioned in revealed book of Islam. Existence and prosperity of Israel is guaranteed until it behaves and respects fair treatment of all those placed under its hegemony. The day it crosses this red line and use brutal force to kill masses in the area that will be the end of this tiny Jew State.

    • It seems for a long time Israel has not treated those placed under its hegemony fairly. Therefore, yes, the Israeli leadership is in a way destroying its own state. Strange, the Jewish people excel in science and business, but seem rather ignorant on how to successfully make peace. They are so strong that they could impose peace, but they do not even try.

  2. The way Israel treats the citizens of the occupied territories is disgraceful, to say the least. Tiring and silly to keep on blaming only the Muslim extremists. Justice for all should be the motto.

  3. I am so sorry with You Rafiq— you still enjoy to delate my comment:

    If you expect very much Pakistan should protect the right of Ahmadiyya, protect of freedom of belief and expression in Pakistan—- why do you ( editor) do not protect my right to express my thought in TMT ? Where us justice, Rafiq?

    Justice for all should be according God’s law. Freedom of speech, religion and expression. You still reject the different thought of Islam. Sad indeed.

    How do you feel when Pakistan reject Ahmadiyya’s Right?
    May God guide Rafiq to the true justice for all. Amen

    All love ❤

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