Integration: Integration key for Geneva University imam course

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Aerial Image Geneva Switzerland. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles promoting secularism and interfaith tolerance

Source: Swiss Info Channel

By Abdelhafidh Abdeleli and Julie Hunt

A training course for imams at Geneva University, introducing them to Swiss law and values, is yielding results. (SRF/

The course organisers say Muslim communities are pleased that their representatives are being sent for training. As part of the “integration” course funded by the canton, nine imams are studying at the university.

The Geneva course is not the only one of its kind in Switzerland. In bilingual Fribourg (French and German-speaking), the conservative right Swiss People’s Party tried to stop the opening of the Centre for Islam and Society (SZIG)external link, which provides courses for imams on Swiss culture and society. Experts agreed that such a ban was discriminatory because it was directed against the members of a single religion in breach of the Swiss constitution.

The director of the SZIG, Hansjörg Schmid, says about half of the 200 imams thought to be practicing in Switzerland participated in the first 26 workshops. “With these workshops, we have made a contribution to social co-existence,” he added.

Chaplaincy training

Meanwhile, German-speaking Switzerland is also doing its bit towards integration. Last summer, the University of Bern launched chaplaincy training courses for imams and representatives of other denominations active in the field of asylum, hospitals and prisons. It’s headed by one of the professors, Isabelle North, who believes it helps to prevent radicalisation.


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  1. This is the correct approach. No need to try and change the Quran etc, but teach the Imam’s how to lead their congregations towards a better integration. Well done !


    God did not send Bible/Qur’an to establish Religion. He sent Bible/Qur’an to establish a Post-Modern society based on “reason and science”. Atheists/Secularists/Modernists also have a similar vision. They do so by rejecting Religion and by claiming that only their belief system of “science based” and “evidence based” teachings are correct. Unlike them, the Bible and Qur’an relate the nature of man to “the natural laws of the different dominions of the heavens/earth”. In doing so, Bible/Qur’an reduce both Religion and Godless science to Reality, sometimes by eliminating the dichotomy of the secular and religious and sometimes by superimposing the true knowledge of science, religion, culture, politics, etc, one on top of the other without creating any boundaries within and between them that make them separate and exclusive. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE 65 page E-book on the subject at

    • well, our religion promotes our direct contact with the creator through prayers / true dreams / acceptance of prayers. Does the ‘post-modern perspective’ deal with this aspect also?

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