Month: April 2018

The words that change what colors we see

Source: BBC News By Aina Casaponsa and Panos Athanasopoulos, Lancaster University From The Conversation 23 April 2018 The human eye can physically perceive millions of colours. But we don’t all recognise these colours in the same way. Some people can’t see differences in colours – so called colour blindness – due to a […]

What is Hell?

Source: The Conversation The recent dispute over whether Pope Francis denied the existence of hell in an interview attracted wide attention. This isn’t surprising, since the belief in an afterlife, where the virtuous are rewarded with a place in heaven and the wicked are punished in hell, is a core teaching […]

Mormonism’s Global Future

Source: The Wall Street Journal By John G. Turner   It took a long time for a quintessentially American church to go global. In April 1853 Hosea Stout and two other Mormon missionaries stepped off a boat in Hong Kong. They expected immediate success: Their church’s apostles had promised they […]

What India owes to its first PM Nehru

Parvez Hoodbhoy, Lahore PANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru would never have won a popularity contest in Pakistan quite simply because he did his best to oppose our country’s creation. But nowhere is he reviled more than in India’s current ruling circles and among those whose loyalty they command. The accusations against Nehru […]

Breathtaking library opens in Qatar

Source: CNN With today’s digital reading habits, it’d be easy to assume that libraries are on the verge of becoming redundant. But as a new wave of these buildings open around the world, the humble library is reinventing itself as an establishment for the modern age. In Doha, the Qatar […]

It’s a boy!

Source: CT Cookies’ favourites for boys’ names are Arthur, Philip and Albert. All are highly traditional royal names and it is thought the couple will not opt for a more modern option reflecting the Middleton side of the family. The boy will share a birthday with St George’s Day. The […]

USA: 2 year old accidentally shot dead by mom

By Mary Papenfuss “She’s gone. My baby’s gone.” OHIO> A gun being handled by a young mother in a town outside Cleveland accidentally discharged, sending a bullet into her two-year-old daughter’s chest and killing her, police said Saturday. The mother, who investigators did not identify, owned the weapon legally and had a […]

How Islamic does Brunei want to be?

Source: Asis Times: Though no organized opposition group has ever openly challenged the state’s religious stance, some observers believe the laws aim to placate Islamists who may otherwise be put off by the monarchy’s ostentatious displays of wealth. Some analysts regard Brunei’s adoption of sharia law as a bid to […]

The slippery slope of intolerance

Source: DT Bangladesh is not and cannot be allowed to be a land of persecution. To that end, the recent anti-Ahmadiyya rally organized by Islamist group Khatme Nobuat is a dangerously regressive development, that should be cause for serious concern. This is not the first time, unfortunately, that Bangladesh has […]