‘Self-care’: Demonic indulgence or a godly discipline?

Source: CT

A study recently shared by Barna reveals the ‘self-care’ habits of Americans who consider themselves Christian or simply ‘spiritual’. What should one make of its findings, and is ‘self-care’ a dangerous enterprise of self-indulgence, or a vital discipline for a healthy church?

Research found that time in nature is the most common way for those surveyed to engage in their own ‘self-care’ (25 per cent). The second most popular practice (21 per cent) is the reading of books on spiritual topics. Meditation (19 per cent), silence or solitude (16 per cent) and journaling are also practised. The least common practices are yoga (12 per cent) and group gatherings or retreats (12 per cent).

The study also found some interesting differences depending on class and education: generally the above habits of ‘self-care’ are more likely to be engaged by the wealthy and those with higher education experience – bar journaling and time in nature.


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