Too tired to care …

ancient roman theater masks

Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library // Public Domain

“Two lazy-bones are fast asleep. A thief comes in, pulls the blanket from the bed, and makes off with it. One of them is aware of what happened and says to the other, ‘Get up! Go after the guy who stole our blanket!’ The other responds, ‘Forget it. When he comes back to take the mattress, let’s grab him then.'”


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  1. Well, not funny, but it reminds me of the time when I lived in Nigeria. One night my wife poked me in our upstairs bedroom and said: “I think there is someone in the house downstairs”. I answered: “I know, I am waiting for him to go so that we can go down and see what is missing.”

    No need to endanger our life for some worldly item. (Cannot recall what the thieves took that time, nothing spectacular was down there. and we had a locked door on the stair case so the thieves did not come up).

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