Is Syrian civil war prophesied in Hadiths?


Syrian civil war is one of the major events in the history of Muslims. Has it been prophesied in end of times Hadith?
Re: Is Syrian civil war prophesied in Hadiths?

Yes among other wars, they are among the signs of The Hour.

Abu Huraira said that Allah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Iraq will withhold its dirhams and qafiz; Syria will withhold its mudd and dinar and Egypt will withhold its irdab and dinar. You will return to that position from where you started. You will return to that position from where you started. The flesh and blood of Abu Huraira bears testimony to it.” (Sahih Muslim)

Abu Nadhrah says: “We were sitting in the company of Jabir bin Abdullah (R.A.) when he said: ‘Soon the people of IRAQ will neither receive any food (grain) nor any money.'” We asked, “Why would such a thing happen?” He replied, “Because of the non-Arabs.” (i.e they will prevent food from going into Iraq, in the form of “sanctions” to this day.) He then said: “Soon the people of Shaam (SYRIA) will neither receive any money nor grain.” We asked as to why this would happen. He replied: “Because of the Romans (christians).” (hmm im not sure the reference some say it’s from Sahih Muslim also :scratch: )

Read the meaning…syria-and.html


Abi Al-Dardaa narrated that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “The fort (bastion) of Muslims on the day of the Malhama (Battle) will be in Ghota next to (near) a city called Damascus, one of best cities in AshSham (Greater Syria).” (Abu Dawud)

“The Hour (of Resurrection) will not come until the الروم Romans land in Al-A’maq (valleys in Antioch, southern Turkey) or in Dabiq (a plain near Aleppo, Syria). An army consisting of the best of the people of the Earth (an international Muslim army) at that time will come out of Medina (in Saudi Arabia) to face them.

When they will arrange themselves in ranks, the Romans will say: ‘ Do not stand between us and those (Christian Converts to Islam) who were taken away from amongst us. Let us fight with them ‘ ; and the Muslims will say: ‘No! by Allah, we will not stand aside and let you fight our brothers.’

They will then fight. A third (of the Muslim army) will be defeated (& run away), and Allah will never forgive them. A third (of the Muslim army) will be killed and they will be regarded as the best martyrs in the eyes of Allah. A third (of the Muslim army) will conquer and they do not get affected by Fitna (tribulations). They will conquer Constantinople.

While the Muslims are busy distributing the spoils (booty) of war, after hanging their swords by the olive trees, Satan will shout: ‘The Anti-Christ has taken your place among your family (or in your land).’ The Muslims will then come out, but will find out that it is not true. And when they arrive to Al-Sham (Damascus or Syria), he (Anti-Christ) will come out. While they (Muslims) are preparing to fight him, and drawing up their ranks, prayer time will come and then, Jesus the son of Mary will descend and lead (or join) them in prayer. When Allah’s enemy (Anti-Christ) sees him (Jesus), it will dissolve just as the salt dissolves in water. If Jesus were to leave him (Anti-Christ) alone, he (Anti-Christ) would melt to death anyway, but Allah will have him (Anti-Christ) killed by his (Jesus’) hand, and he (Jesus) will show the Muslims his (Anti-Christ’s) blood on his (Jesus’) spear.” (Sahih Muslim)

See this

And this…-iraq-etc.html

“Do not commit injustice, because injustice is darkness on the Day of Judgment.” (Sahih Muslim)
They will say, “Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we would not be among the companions of the Blazing Fire.” Qur’an 67:10 💚💙💜


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  1. Only Allah knows to which time and place exactly these hadith refer. May Allah be our protector and guide at all times.

  2. Our prophet Muhammad pbuh do not know what will happen tomorrow, he was not God or Holy, he was like us but he was a messanger.
    On other word Prophet Muhammad pbuh did not know syria will be destroyed or not.

    Only Allah know what will happen tomorrow.

    All ❤️

  3. Prophet Muhammad say humbly;
    I am a regular people like you.
    1. Say, “Surely, I am but a human being like you; it is revealed to me that your God is the One God. So the one who hopes to meet his Lord must do righteous deed and must not associate anyone in the worship of his Lord.” Q.18; 110.

    Prophet Muhammad say; I have no power to bring a benefit.
    2. Say, “I have no power to bring a benefit or a harm to myself, except that which Allah wills. If I had the knowledge of the Unseen, I would have accumulated a lot of good things, and no evil would have ever touched me. I am but a Warner, and a herald of good news for a people who believe.” Q. 7:188.


    • Somi, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was holy, so please if you cannot say anything nice than do not degrade him. He received revealation from God however some Hadith are not authentic or unreliable that u can say due to how they have been passed on but there is no need to insult the holy Prophet (saw), he was more near to God than any of us, and he has the most high status in heaven than anyone, so if nothing else, than you can show respect. I urge you with humble request and plead you with with all my heart.

      • I find it interesting and really exciting how equal the thoughts of all members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at are (ok, except for polygamy may be). I feel that I am usually 100% in agreement with what other members of the Jama’at feel and comment. Thanks Riffat.

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