The ‘Muslim-first’ Doctrine

Source: The Kashmir Monitor

Justice Shaukat Siddiqui of Islamabad High Court, in his March 9 ruling, wants all citizens to identify themselves by their faith. He wants “applicants for public offices to declare their beliefs before being considered for employment”. He targeted the officially apostatised Ahmadi community, saying it was “alarming that one of the minorities was often mistaken for being Muslims because their names and general attire were like those of Muslims”.

Already, in the middle-class-dominated markets of Lahore, many shops say “Ahmadis not allowed”. The community is under siege and is trying to flee the country before being subjected to collective violence. The judge is a fundamentalist Muslim dreaming of winning paradise by making Pakistan a “Muslim first” state. Malaysia-based Islamic scholar Javed Ghamidi — who thinks Pakistan is a nation-state and not a khilafat and is therefore committed to treating all its citizens equally — can no longer live in Pakistan after being attacked in Lahore.

Justice Siddiqui got inducted into the judiciary because, as president of the Rawalpindi Bar, he had supported the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudhry, in his campaign against General Musharraf, then ruling Pakistan. Siddiqui’s hardline faith had persuaded him to contest the National Assembly election on the ticket of the clerical alliance, MMA, known informally as the military-mullah alliance, on the quota of Jamaat-e-Islami. After his defeat he got lucky with the Chaudhry Court going berserk with suo motu cases trespassing on the executive domain.

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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Very sad News again and again from Pakistan.
    The extremist leaders have been trying to aliminate all Ahmadiyyah activities such as:,
    1. theyban Ahmadiyyah to use Holy Quran
    2. They ban ahmadiyyah to mention Allah
    3. They banahmadiyyah to pilgrim hajji
    4. They ban ahmadiyyah to built mosque
    5. Now in order Ahmadiyya / christian etc cannot apply government Job every one has to declare their faith.

    This is a result if we allow the extremist is growing in the West countries— we have to stop the extremist Islamic ideology.

    Unfortunately, Rafiq copy the extremist ideology somehow— he delates my respond because a repeatation—a repeatation is unlawful?
    Hopefully Rafiq will stop delating my respond or comment .
    All ❤️

    • I hope Somi is as active in the Pakistani Press as he is on The Muslim Times. Yes, please, do stop the Pakistani extremists!

      • I believe that some of the Pskistan leaders read themuslimtimes blog.
        1. I also active in the Saudi arabia Press, etc

        We need to speak up loudly to the right extremist countries otherwise they grow fast, it will be dangerous to us all. As you see in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and others.

        Please speak up loudly like MALALA YOUSAFZAI, as a role model to prevent the extremist Taliban in Pakistan

        We need 10 ooo Malala in Pakistan. Malala cannot fight alone, we need every one take his part.

        Ahmadiyya dont dare to speak up loudly like MALALA, Allah will support and send 1000 angels to help. refer Q 8:9.

        Was Salam ❤️

      • what are you talking again? ‘Ahmadiyya dont dare to speak up loudly’ ? Are you not listening to our beloved Khalifa’s speeches at various events? Even when Ministers of host governments are present he tells them loud and clear that ‘you are at fault also (with your arms sales for instance)’. Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at speak up all around the world, including in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia … India and Pakistan.

  2. It is interesting to the casual observer that the ‘Islamic parties’ in Pakistan were never doing well at any elections. They show their power by actually unlawful means: threats and blackmail (if not also murder).

    • Actually the extremist Muslim groups are small group but they speak up loudly and protest tirelessly— hopefull Ahmadiyyah can do the same—

      I never see ahmadiyya speak up loudly and protest peacefully at Government office tirelessly —do not stop until your demand be heard —

      You ( ahmadiyyah ) have a big number , hundred thousand ahmadiyya come together to protest the government and invite other elements in society who against the extremist Muslim.


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