Russia says Syrian ‘chemical attack’ was staged

_100835661_russia_syria_soldier_getty-2Source: BBC News

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a reported chemical attack in Syria was staged by foreign agents.

The US and France have said they have proof it took place, and, alongside the UK, they are considering launching military retaliation against Syria.

Russia, a Syrian ally, has warned the US that air strikes risk a new war.

Independent chemical weapons inspectors are en route to the Eastern Ghouta area to look for evidence. They are expected to arrive on Saturday.

During a press briefing on Friday, Mr Lavrov said he had “irrefutable evidence” that the attack was staged as part of a “Russophobic campaign” led by one country, which he did not name.

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  1. History seems to be repeating itself… In Iraq it was weapons of mass destruction (now being proved to be a fairy story), and in Syria it’s chemical weapons which we’ll eventually be told was all a propaganda to serve the selfish interests of Western nations.

    At the receiving end are the poor Syrian civilians most of whom are women and children. They are dying anyway – whether it’s from chemical weapons or these deadly strikes by multiple war-mongering nations!!!

    The end result is the same – DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!

    The biggest irony of all this is that the countries which are busy causing havoc in Syria are the same ones who have great objection to the Syrians and others in like situations, who try to escape and become unwanted migrants. These are then given the labels of prospective terrorists, etc. by these war-mongering nations!!!! Yet they are the ones creating the situation where the citizens look for an escape route….

    Shame on them!

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