UN Yemen envoy kicks off peace drive in Oman

Source: Gulf News

By: Fahad Al Mukrashi

Muscat: The United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, believes Oman plays a “pivotal role” in helping the people of Yemen.

Martin Griffiths affirmed the importance of the neighbourly relations between Oman with Yemen, pointing out that they have long history of dialogue and openness.


On Sunday, Griffiths met with Yousuf Bin Alawi Bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs to discuss the Yemen crisis and find solutions to end the crisis in the war-torn country.

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2 replies

  1. May be the noble Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman now starts to realize that this war is not winnable.

  2. King Crown Prince Salam really made mistake, has caused immense suffering Yemen Muslim, very sad indeed.

    Whereas Allah has said in His book
    Love your neighbor as you love your self— if you keep blaming, hating and judging each other, wait you will be destroyed another completely.

    Both sides do not obey God law. They are hypocreite !
    Most Clerics have fallen into Syrick. They worship Idol – Hadith.
    Thay is why.

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