Belgian minister under fire for favoring Christian migrants over others



Belgium’s State Secretary for Asylum and Migration came under fire for implying that the country favors Christian asylum seekers over non-Christians, reports said.

In a message posted to celebrate the Easter holiday on his official Twitter account, minister Theo Francken from the far-right New Flemish Alliance (N-VA Party) said that Belgium has welcomed 903 Syrian Christian asylum seekers since 2015 and that he sees it as a “duty” to serve the Syrian Christians.

Non-governmental organizations criticized Francken’s post for being discriminatory as he only touched upon the suffering of Christian migrants, even though others suffer just as much.

The NGOs highlighted that religion should not play a role to determine which people are accepted as asylum seekers and that the circumstances they face should be taken as the main criteria for processing their applications.

Francken’s statements particularly disregard the suffering of Muslims and people from other faiths, who suffer at the hands of oppressive groups in Syria, NGOs noted.

The minister had previously come under fire for anti-migrant statements.

For instance, in 2017 he attacked aid groups for saving drowning migrants in the Mediterranean and told them to stop saving migrants heading to Europe.


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  1. Practically all Western (Christian) countries have been doing it, may be talking less about it. Once upon a time when I checked on the UN Migration Agency’s ‘Canadian Cultural Awareness Class’ (for Migrants to Canada) I noticed that 90 % were Iraqi Christians. When I mentioned to the Project Manager that ‘you said that you are totally unbiased towards Christians’ her answer was that ‘it so happens that the Christians meet more of our criteria’, speaking better English, higher education etc. Ah well, good for who ever can settle in a peaceful country. We cannot complain about the Canadians anyway.

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