USA: Ahmad Muslim Community Cleveland celebrates 61st Independence Anniversary of Ghana at their Mosque

Report By Ahmed Sita

The Cleveland Chapter of Ahmad Muslim Community, organized an event on the Contribution of Islam Ahmadiyyat to African Development at the Baitul Ahad Mosque on Saturday, March 24, 2018, to celebrate the 61st Independence Anniversary of Ghana.

"Contribution of Islam Ahmadiyyat to African Development" Program hosted at Baitul Ahad Mosque in Cleveland

Imam Syed Shamshad Nasir Sahib was the Key Note Speaker.

This idea to celebrate the Independence Anniversary of Ghana came from Imam Shamshad Nasir Missionary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Midwest East region who served in Ghana for four years as a Missionary from 1978 to 1982. He also served in Sierra Leone in the same capacity.

Imam Shamshad, has a special attachment to the people of West Africa.


Mr. Mohammed Zachariah, a native of Ghana residing in Cleveland, chaired the function.

Mr. Mohammed Zachariah, in his capacity as the chairman of the program, gave the welcome address. He thanked all the participants for coming to the event and gave a brief history of the Ahmadiyya Community in the City of Wa, his hometown in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He recalled the major events that led to the arrival of Ahmadiyyat in Wa and the initial opposition the Community faced before becoming established.

According to Mr. Mohammed Zachariah, some of his relatives were among the founders of the Ahmadiyya Community in the City of Wa. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s arrival in Wa, even though new and with only a few followers at the time, was able to overcome the fierce resistance of the other Muslims in the area by using peaceful approach to the resolution of conflict. The City of Wa has always been known as a City of Muslims throughout its history and even so today.

Mr. Zachariah noted the immense contribution the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community gave to his Hometown of Wa and to Ghana. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, he said, built Schools and Hospitals in many parts of Ghana. And that Ahmadiyya is a household name in Ghana and commands extraordinary respect and attention everywhere.

All standing here have lived some parts of their life in Ghana

All standing here have lived some parts of their life in Ghana

Ahmed Sita, the General Secretary of the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Cleveland, introduced Imam Shamshad Nasir as the Key Note Speaker. Ahmed Sita traced the contribution of Imam Shamshad Nasir as a religious man, who has dedicated his life to religion since graduating from Jamia Ahmadiyya in Rabwah Pakistan in 1973. Imam Shamshad Nasir is currently based in Detroit as the Regional Missionary in charge of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.


Imam Shamshad gave a detailed account of the Contribution of Islam Ahmadiyyat and particularly the role The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the Development of African countries.

He used his familiarity of the West African Region advantageously at this event to keep the audience keenly engaged throughout his speech.

Imam Shamshad Nasir related the extent of the dedication of the people of West Africa to Islam Ahmadiyyat, He gave an excellent account of the involvement of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to the improvement of Education, Healthcare and their spiritual upliftment in Africa and especially so in Ghana.

Some members of the Cleveland Chapter have either visited Ghana or lived there for many years. Two Khuddam, Tahir Butt and Irbaz Hameed, gave brief accounts of their stay in Ghana during the lively Question and Answer session that followed the event.

Dr N Rahmatullah, president of the local Chapter, in the end Thanked to the Cleveland Jamaat Members, Mr. Mohammed Zachariah–chairman of the Evans and all those who participated in one way or another to the success of this event. The event concluded with a Silent Prayer led by Imam Shamshad Nasir and later refreshment was served towards the end of the celebration and a cake was cut by the chairman Mr Muhammad to celebrate the Independence Day of Ghana.

— The End —

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