Avatar: Scientology-style sect causes concern in Netherlands


Reports of a Scientology-style sect infiltrating schools have aroused concern in the Netherlands.

A television investigation claimed to have found at least six private schools governed by “Avatar wizards” and guided by the principles of the Avatar ideology.

So what is Avatar (besides a blockbuster movie)? And how influential is it?

Avatar’s self-proclaimed goal is to create an “enlightened planetary society”.

Some members believe Earth was colonised by aliens, and Avatar explores controversial practices such as exorcism.

It was created in 1986 by the former Scientology leader Harry Palmer.

Emailing from their headquarters in Orlando, Florida, Mr Palmer told the BBC they have almost a million graduates worldwide.

“The basic doctrine of Avatar is: what you believe has consequences in your life,” he says.

MORE:   http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43584884

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  1. I once asked an author of a book on ‘Sects’ why he did not include Scientology. His answer was that Scientology is not a sect but a business. Same with this new ‘Avatar’ …

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