Area around Jesus’ baptism site being cleared of land mines

Source: MSN News

QASR EL-YAHUD, West Bank — Pilgrims seeking serenity during a visit to Jesus’ traditional baptism site may be rattled to discover they are surrounded by thousands of land mines left over from dormant Mideast conflicts. But a project now underway plans to rid the West Bank site of the explosive devices, clearing away the relics of war that have blemished the sacred place for nearly five decades.


Land mines still speckle many parts of Israeli war-won territory. But the effort at the baptism site carries particular weight because of its importance to the world’s Christians and the delicate international diplomacy that was required to take the project off the ground.

The project’s organizers had to navigate a virtual minefield of often quarreling church denominations, as well as Israeli and Palestinian officials.

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  1. Well, the Jordanians say the actual baptism site is on Jordanian territory, but of course Israeli tourist officials will not tell you that.

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