Russia and Taliban deny US claims of working together

Source: BBC News

Russia and the Taliban have separately rejected comments made by the head of US forces in Afghanistan that Moscow has been supporting, and even supplying weapons to, the insurgent group.

Gen John Nicholson told the BBC last week he had seen “destabilising activity by the Russians”.


The Russian embassy in Kabul in a statement dismissed the general’s claim as “baseless” and “idle gossip”.

A Taliban spokesman said they had not “received assistance from any country”.

The spokesman told the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press news agency: “The enemy has no evidence in this regard.”

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2 replies

  1. It can be, reasonable too
    Few years ago, US supported Taliban to expel Unisoviet from Afghanistan.

    Now, it is possible Rusia help Taliban to expel US from Afghanistan as retaliation.


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