Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community says Time has come to stop blaming only Muslims for the World’s Problems

Source: Khalifa of Islam

On 17 March 2018, the World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad delivered the keynote address at the 15th National Peace Symposium hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK.

The event was held at the Baitul Futuh Mosque in London with an audience of more than 900, from 31 countries, including 570 non-Ahmadi guests comprising Ministers, Ambassadors of State, Members of Parliament and various other dignitaries and guests.

During the event, His Holiness presented Angelina Alekseeva, the representative of Dr Leonid Roshal, a noted paediatrician from Moscow, Russia and Chairman of international charity Fund to Help Children in Disasters and Wars, with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Prize for the Advancement of Peace in recognition of his outstanding medical and humanitarian services.

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  1. An epic , historic and memorable event and a very righteousmy extraordinary speech by the Khalifa of Islam with the sincere, veracious, genuine and conscientious admonishments to bring peace into this world and to tackle other issues such as carbon emissions effects; youth radicalization; poverty in the third world; freedom of speech with respect to those religious/irreligious; world leaders and priorities and urgency to resolution; and much more. Definitely life changing.

  2. Very true and agreeable. This is a very beautiful point. Islam is a religion of peace,not war. Muslims should act as role models for everyone and be peaceful people.lp]

  3. Very important and very much needed issue or topic has been raised by khalifa of Islam. I hope governments and authorities would feel the need to change their priorities to solve the issues which were brought up in this speech. Only then peace can be mantained in the world.

  4. Muslim and clerics have to know and admit that terrorist Muslim like Usis, Taliban etc is Muslim’s problem, not goverment’s problem.

    Therefore Islamic scholars have to find the solution.
    The root of problem came from the FALSE teaching of Islam.

    • Somi, the Khalifa of Islam I’d trying to tell everyone that playing the blame game is not going to solve anything for anyone or help anyone, it’s water under a bridge. The only way to fix this is together, united we are strong and divided we are conquered by hate and fear. We is showing you the moon and instead of looking at the beautiful moon you are stopping to point out the flaws in our finger and missing the scenery. How unfortunate.

  5. This article has a beautiful message. Islam is not about war but it’s about peace. Hopefully people can change the way that they think about Muslims.

  6. It is also be appreciated that this Khalifa of Islam is constantly making efforts for bringing in peace and harmony world wide. Because He’s following the true teachings of Islam. What media is showing to the world is the modified and amended Islam.

  7. An extraordinary speech by the Khalifa of Islam. May God strengthen His hand. I hope and pray that other leaders who claims to be Muslims should move forward and strengthen His hands by showing the real peaceful teachings of Islam to all the world.

  8. Although the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a small community but it is a standard-bearer and the representative of the true teachings of Islam.The head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community realizes our responsibility as human beings and tells us that we should try to pay attention to solving those issues of human rights that can help to establish peace in the world.


    ==Mass student-led protests calling for tighter gun control are under way across the United States===

    Dear Rafiq and Riffat.
    Do you agree with Student protest to change the old constitution law regarding the right to have the gun or arm?

    Student say that time has changed, the old law should be changed otherwise the mass kiling cannot be avoided. It will continue for ever unless the old laws have to be changed. The Old law permit people has guns. The result to have gun to day is mass shooting with automatic gun.

    Time has changed, technology has changed life style— and the law has to be changed too.

    Young generation demand to change the old law in order to prevent mass kiling at school and other places.

    But conservative people reject to change the law, chang the constitution regarding the right to have gun.( arm),

    Similarity with Islamic law.
    New generation of Muslim want to change the old Islamic laws.
    Million innocent people have died because the old laws allow Muslim to persecute or kill blaspheme, apostate, infidel, hypocrite etc.

    But conservative Clerics or the extremist wahhabi- Salafi and Syah REJECT to change the old laws. They are pround to uphold the old laws ( Al Quran and Hadith).

    What do you thnk Rafiq and Riffat? Give us your thought about gun law and Islamic law.

    All our love ❤

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