Author Traces Christianity’s Path From ‘Forbidden Religion’ To A ‘Triumph’

Source: NPR


For years, religion scholar Bart Ehrman wanted to write a book about the early spread of Christianity, but he shied away from it because the topic seemed too big.

Eventually, Ehrman decided that the massive scope is what made the project so compelling: “The entire history of the West was transformed by the fact that Christianity took over the Roman Empire and then became the dominant religious and political and cultural force in our civilization,” he says.

Ehrman’s new book, The Triumph Of Christianity, chronicles the rise of Christianity as well as the subsequent demise of paganism. But despite the title, Ehrman asserts that his book doesn’t carry a judgment concerning the spread of Christianity.

“I’m not claiming that it was a great thing that Christianity won; I’m also not saying it was a bad thing,” he says. “I’m dealing with it merely as a historian, and I’m saying that Christianity did win, and I point out that this triumph did have obvious good sides and obvious bad sides.”

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