Human Rights group wants homeless sheltered in cold

Recorder Staff

Thursday, March 15, 2018


GREENFIELD — When subzero temperatures impacted the region this winter, shelters in Greenfield became packed with homeless residents seeking shelter from the dangerous conditions.

This issue has prompted the Greenfield Human Rights Commission to pass a resolution this week asking the city to create a city-wide freeze plan to protect homeless residents from potentially dangerous low temperatures. The resolution asks the city to use city-owned or controlled property to house homeless residents during dangerously low temperatures, as well as provide transportation to the shelters.

The commission made the resolution following weeks-long discussion on the issue that began when bitter cold and subzero temperatures enveloped the region and shelters in the city ran out of space to protect homeless from the cold.

“The basic foundation is we want to make sure that the people of Greenfield are protected and taken care of, especially the ones who are most vulnerable,” Loreen Flockerzie, chairwoman to the Human Rights Commission, said.

The resolution calls for the city to create a “city sponsored and staffed temporary overnight emergency shelter” at city-owned or controlled property when temperature and wind chill pose a potential threat to human safety.


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  1. Why can’t they instead arrange for the homeless to be permanently sheltered in low cost housing projects, instead of short-and temporary ones during the cold season, only…?

    It might turn out to be cheaper in the long run, too.

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