Why Ahmadi Muslims are doomed in Pakistan


Kaaba in Mecca, a symbol of brotherhood among the Muslims. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles to overcome sectarianism among the Muslims.  Secularism in the public arena is the best tool for that

Source: Daily O

By Mehr Tarar, a former op-ed editor of Daily Times, Pakistan, and a freelance columnist.

There are no sounds of a Sunday mass, bells of a temple, chants of Gurbani, or recitation of the Quran from an Ahmadi mosque in the country.

1974: Under the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the Second Amendment was made to the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. It stated: “A person who does not believe in the absolute and unqualified finality of the Prophethood of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the last of the Prophets or claims to be a Prophet, in any sense of the word or of any description whatsoever, after Muhammad (peace be upon him), or recognises such a claimant as a Prophet or religious reformer, is not a Muslim for the purposes of the Constitution or law.”

That sealed the fate of the Ahmadis in Pakistan. The ostracisation of a community of almost four million Pakistanis (as per a 2016 report) who referred to themselves as Ahmadi Muslims, and were slurred as Qadiani or Mirzai, escalated. The snowballing effect of the Second Amendment took in its wake lives of countless Ahmadis: persecution, isolation, ban on prayer, exile, death. The list is long, and a black stain on the social and religious fabric of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country that prides itself on its Islamic moorings while existing in direct repudiation to some of Islam’s most important injunctions.

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  1. Why Ahmadi Muslims are doomed in Pakistan?
    Rafiq—you ( ahmadiyyah) should convey God’s word to the extremist wahhabi clerics in Pakistan as follow:

    Surely, those who have made divisions in their religion and turned into factions, you have nothing to do with them. Their case rests with Allah alone; then He will tell them what they have been doing. Q. 6:(159)

    Verely your Lord knows best who has strayed from his way, and He is well aware of those who are on the right path. Q. 68:(7)

    I believe that the wahhabi clerics did not read God’s word above, please tell them and the authority who deal with this case.

    Let God judge people faith, no one has the right to judge other faith or religion. Right? Raffiq and Riffat?

    Do protest peacefully and Speak up loudly and tiredlessly until your voice be heard.
    Progressive Muslim will help you to protect the right of Ahmadiyyah to practice their belief.

    Ahmadiyyah leaders have to make real action, protest at goverment office etc—

    Allah will not Change the Condition if You do not Change it by Yourself. Q.13;11 —what you reap is what you sow.
    If no action—no thing will happen.

    Even million Ahmadiyyah pray to God for HELP 5 times a day, God will not listen your Duo ( prayer) .
    That is my advice. Think it


  2. Somi- like I said we follow the command of the Khalifa of Islam who gets his direction and directives from God. We accepted the promised Messiah who was to start the Jihad of Pen and end the Jihad of sword. The era of violence has now ended and now comes the age where we follow the ill of God “Love for all, Hatred for None” until God wants us to. When he has a different commandment for us to follow, he will communicate it to us through our Khalifatul Masih.

  3. Riffat—. When he has a different commandment for us to follow, he will communicate it to us through our Khalifatul Masih.—

    There is a warning from Allah as follow:
    They take their priests and their rabbies to be their lords in derogation of Allah, ( Al Quran)—-Q9:31

    It seems to me that Ahmadiyy followers put their trust on a Khalifatul Masih 100 percent just like God.

    It seems to me that ahmadiyya associete Allah with Khslifatul Masih— does not ahmadiyya commite Sinful Syrick?

    Jews history tell us that why Allah destroyed Jews from their land, because they turned away from Allah to Rabbies.
    What ever fatwa ( advise) came from the mouth of Rabbi it came from Allah. They believed Rabbies were God.

    It seems to me that Ahmadiyya do the same. Am I wrong?

    All love ❤️

    • Somi, we believe that Allah chooses the Khalifa and Allah gives his commands and his orders to the Khalifa. All the admonitionments to our community and guidance we receive from our Khalifa is what he received from Allah. Obviously that’s how Prophets and their Khalifas and their successors receive guidance from Allah and pass it on mankind.

  4. Rafiq— Muslim clerics teach his followers that Christian worship Trinity.
    From my understand Trinity is
    1. God is Holy
    2. Angel are Holy
    3. Jesus was Holy

    There are 3 Holy spirit— there is no word of Trinity in Bible—only in Al Quran..
    Clerics misconception or musinterpretstion of Trinity.
    From my view Christian still woship Creator od God.

    Am I wrong? Only Allah is the Most knowing.
    All love ❤️

    • Rafiq—We can read in Al Quran that Allah say “ WE”.

      My understanding is
      We are Holy God, Holy Angels, and Holy Jesus

      Can you explain the real meaning why Allah say Himself—WE.?

      Your respond
      All ❤️

      • Translators use the word WE to show the Unique-ness and Great-ness of the One God. It does not mean that this ‘WE’ include a whole tribe of beings.

      • Somi, each language is different. If you study Arabic, Persian even Urdu in depth, you will learn that in authority the Kings and Very High Status Figures, when referring to themselves, use the word, “we”. It shows their authority and power and kingship. by no means , God forbid does it mean that you can commit shirk and associate partners with Allah. Allah is One and has no partners. He is the only One God and the only One who should be worshiped.

        When God mad human and told the angels to bow to humans, then why would the Wuran tell the humans to worshi the Angels. There is only one God. Please do some Language research Somi, it’ll be beneficial for you, instead of just making assumptions.

  5. Rafiq and Riffat— your explaination are not base on Holy Quran but assumption, or some one has told like that.

    You do not explain Q.9:31, yet— Allah destroyed Israel and Europe because both people ( Jews and Christian) have turned away from God to idol ( Raabies and Priests).

    In 21th century Muslim have turned away from God ( Holy Quran) to idol ( their imam, Khalifah, Syeich ). Thay is why Allah has been punishing Million Muslim and destroying thousand cities as we see in Arab Countries. This the true fact. Cannot be denied it.

    Am I wrong ?

    • Yes you are. You cannot compare a Khalifa chosen by Allah to any ‘normal’ priest or Imam. Allah protects and guides those that He chooses.

    • Somi, that is incorrect. The Jews turned to Rabbies and considered them so Holy that they compared them to God then made them Gods. And Christians made Jesus son of Mary, into a son of Son where he was a beloved prophet who was sent to teach them the oneness of God. And that is the Reason who God says that these people end up destroying themselves since they associate partner with Allah. The BTW the info I gave you was not assumption, it was research that I did, I do not provide info to anyone unless I have proof. So please Somi, you should do some research yourself before you accuse anyone.

  6. Rafiq —Rafiq you delate my comment.

    This is who claim he is a Imam Mahdi
    Rafiq and Ruffat. Could you show me a verse about Mahdi or Messiah in Al Quran…I can not find it. Please yaa

  7. Rafiq— I can not find that God will protect your Khalifah in Holy Quran— whereas Prophet Muhammad pbuh killed by enemy ( poison) and Jesus was died on the cross.

    Please show ne a verse about Messiah or Imam Mahdi.
    I want to learn from you the truth.

    All our ❤️

    • COmpletely incorrect.The Holy Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) died a natural death and Prophet Jesus peace be upon him died in Srinagar,India and not the cross.The Quran is pretty clear of Jesus dying a natural death.The Messiah and Imam Mahdi of Islam Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote an entir ebook about this subject called Jesus in India.

      Quran Verse 4:158:And their saying, ‘We did kill the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah;’ whereas they slew him not, nor crucified him, but he was made to appear to them like one crucified; and those who differ therein are certainly in a state of doubt about it; they have no definite knowledge thereof, but only follow a conjecture; and they did not convert this conjecture into a certainty;

    • Plus God saved his prophets many times.He saved Prophet Jonah from the Whale, Prophet Jesus from death on the cross, Prophet Noah from Flood, and even Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from hypnotism.

      I will now relate a story of how God saved Hadrat Ahmad:There was a Hindu physician who visited Hadrat Ahmad(pbuh)He, the Hindu physician, did not like how the bold lion of Islam defended the Character of the Greatest Prophet to have ever lived Hadrat Muhammad(pbuh) as well as exposing the faults in Hinduism.The physician tried to hypnotize Hadrat Ahmad(as) but God saved Hadrat Ahmad.Suddenly the Hindu man ran out without any shoes.Hadrat Ahmad said to one person nearby to ask him what happened.But this man kept running till he made it to Lahore in which he related what made him so scared.When the Hindu tried to influence the Prophet of God but God saved his prophet by making Two Tigers appear in the view of the Hindu.The Hindu saw and became scared. This was a sign of the truthfulness of Hadrat Ahmad.

      Lesson:God listens and still talks.He saves his prophets and their succesors.He can even save ordinary people from harm.Allah has protected the Khalifa-tul-Masih and Ahmadiyya jammat time and time again.Take Zia-ul-Haq who was a staunch opponent to Ahmadi Muslims.Look at how this cruel Pharoah was treated.His plant was shot out of the sky by God.The trials that Ahmadis face are not something new or prove Ahmadis incorrect.In fact they prove that Ahmadiyyat is the truth.Whenever a prophet of God appeared in a nation he and his companions were opposed.REMEMBER THIS PHRASE ALLAH DOES EVERYTHING FOR A REASON.

    • Somi likes endless arguments. See replies above. Estaghfarullah, never heard that Muhammad – peace and blessings be on him – supposed to have died of poisening. And that Jesus did not die on the cross but peacefully of old age in Kashmir was told to you several times before too.

  8. Somi I do not know If you are a Muslim or not but I will tell you one thing.Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(pbuh) said to accept Imam Mahdi and that Imam Mahdi has come so in order to be a good Muslim you should try to read Ahmadiyya literature and accept the Imam of our Age.

  9. Also in this thread you have said that Jesus (pbuh) is God forbid, God and this something that goes against being a Muslim.Hadrat Jesus peace be upon him was a simple pious man not God, associating partners with Allah is shirk and the largest sin.

  10. Khalifa is not an idol but a Man of God.Somi you got to realize that the Ahmadiyya Caliphate was prophecised by Prophet Muhamad Mustafa (pbuh) and so it is not an innovation but a ESSENTIAL part of Islam.LOOK AT THE MUSLIM UMMAH.WE ARE DIVIDED.If we were united under one leader we could better follow the rules of God.

  11. Plus God will not destroy Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat because it is GOD’s will for this Calipahte to exist till the day of Judgment.Allah knows that this caliphate will stay pure.Sure Somi you can raise doubts but the things is Allahs word supersede your words.

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