Baitul Futuh: A New Beginning (Foundation Stone Laying)

    Baitul Futuh: A New Beginning (Foundation Stone Laying)

    On the 4th March 2018, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad (May Allah be his helper) laid the foundation stone for the new administrative block to be built at the Baitul Futuh complex in London.

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      • Somi, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear the noise, does it really make noise? Of course women were there, there is no way in the world that the women of Ahmadiyya Muslim community miss this historic and epic event however the community does have standards and does not view women as sexual objects to use to increase the social media views. The women were simply not included in this video, since the Khalifa is the head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and not the owner of the playboy mansion they he should be in a video surrounded by women and btw the purpose of the video was to show the foundation laying stone of mosque not to look at women…..

    1. Riffat— women were there, but forbidden to take picture or video, this is Pakistan tradition right?, not religion—Ahmadiyya still believe in segregation between male and female—Therefore women cannot shake hands with male— cannot a drive a car also, afraid someone take her picture—you donot agree with Malala who fight the right of women to get good education as boy?

      Malala’s mother was used to be forbidden to take her picture, but now her pictures is every where.

      Progressive Women have the same right to male— there is no discrimination based on gender, religion etc.
      Islam from Progressive view is a religion of justice for all.
      Progressive Islam treat women fairly.
      Ahmadiyyah treat women differently.
      So we have different interpretation, it is fine.


      • Somi, you think like a perver and an extreme person. We take pictures and make videos and we have an auxiliary of our own, and a Muslim Tv dedicated just for women, what do you know. See if you don’t do your research you would never know. We are not forbidden to drive cars, we all have our own cars and our licenses, thank to the Almighty. We choose not to shake hands with other men as that is our choice, you can’t make me feel uncomfortable just so you feel that now your world has advanced enough because I shook hands with a man I don’t know. What is wrong with you??? Like I said, Ahmadiyya Muslim community has high standards and does not use women as sexual objects to promote the media views of its videos or media releases using women plus Islamic teachings says to be covered for women physically and men in the eyes. Quran 24:31,24:32

        I will not reply to you repeated same old useless comment

      • Here are some of the programs that the Ahmadiyya Muslim women broadcast for your information Somi

        Enjoy and watch them

    2. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
      Riffat— you do not need to reply if you do not want to—
      I just want to know how ahmadiyyah treat women in 21th century. You say:
      ==Ahmadiyya Muslim community has high standards and does not use women as sexual objects to promote the media views of its videos or media releases using women plus Islamic teachings says to be covered for women physically and men in the eyes. Quran 24:31,24:32==

      1. Ahmadiyyah forbid women shack hands with a male ( friend and unknown male)

      2. Ahmadiyyah promote segragation male and female.
      3. Ahmadiyyah forbid to take women’s picture for media purpose.
      4. Ahmadiyyah forbid women to work at mix office ( male and female)

      5. Ahmadiyyah promote women to wear burqa or hijab. Or to cover her whole body in the eye of men Q. 24:31

      6.,but ahmadiyah allow women to drive ? Why?

      7. Ahmadiyyah girls get 1/2 Inheritance of boys?

      8. Can Ahmadiyyah allow girls to choose her boy friend before get marry?

      9. Ahmadiyyah do not allow women to sing a song at public place.

      Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you Riffat

      All ❤️

      • Are you Muslim?

        Here are some of the programs that the Ahmadiyya Muslim women broadcast for your information Somi

        Enjoy and watch them

        • Thank you Riffat. Yes, actually we need to show this sometimes. I also mentioned sometimes that on Jumma and on Jalsa Salana it would be no harm to have a ‘glimpse’ of the ladies crowds, no need of ‘close ups’, just that people can see (Somi and others) that we have in fact equal if not more numbers of ladies attending our functions. Well, my suggestion was ignored as it does not correspond to the usual Pakistani culture… In African Jalsas sometimes we do get a glimpse of the ladies’ crowds. I think it is good. Let’s see if some MTA guys read our comments here.

      • Somi, the state has the right to license the people to drive not a religion…. so how can Ahmadiyya Muslim community forbid anyone not to drive? Are you crazy? That is up to the state not the church. Sometimes you come up with really stupid stuff.

        1. Segregation
        From the verses (24:31 & 24:32 in Quran) it is made clear that both men and women are to conduct themselves with modesty and propriety at all times, and especially when in each other’s presence. This teaching is based on the fact that Islam recognizes that “prevention is the better part of a cure.” So segregation of the sexes is prescribed so that situations which cannot be controlled afterwards, are not allowed to develop in the first place. In this way, erosion of moral values can be prevented, and society is safeguarded from problems such as adultery, teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

        2. I have already answered your media question since I sent you videos of our media teams that we composed on regular bases and so there is no question that we are afraid of media.

        3. We choose not to touch other men, it’s our choice. But you can have you wife and daughters touch other men if you like. We like to preserve our respect and dignity

        4. We sing poems all the time in large gatherings and conventions and you are not GOD that is why you don’t know about that, and you have not heard it. But we have some videos on YouTube that you can watch aswell of those too to ease your mind.

        5. The inheritance question I didn’t want to answer because I thought you were being an idiot. Islam gave right to women when no one else did. 570AD. Women could inherit back then in Islam but in the western world women couldn’t en inherit until 1900. Islam says what ever a woman earn is hers and she is not required to even spend a penny on her household, she can if she want to but she doesn’t have to. As it’s the responsibility of the man.
        So she inherits 1/2 of a man. As per Islam I’m ok with that.

        6. I worked for the Government and there were men and women there. So Ahmadiyya Muslim community does not dictate how we work or work or eat, or sleep. The community is there to get us to become better Muslims to become closer to God . We still have to go to work and raise our kids and put food on the table, put gas in the car, cook food, clean up, do the laundry, mow the lawn, recycle, do community work, volunteer, play with the kids, read, write reports, pray, … we are not living under Somi the Hitler

      • re inheritance: I thought I explained it. OK. Let’s make some calculation. Inheritance amount 100. Males get one part ladies half. One son one daughter. Son gets 66.6 and daughter gets 33.4. Son’s inheritance divided by two wives and five children: = 66 divided by 7 = 9,42 (nothing left for me). ladies share 33.4 divided by nothing = 33.4. I WISH I GET THE LADIES SHARE !

        • I was writing Adolf the Hitler and the copy paste put Somi there. My apologies, because I don’t see him as a Hitler as he keep quoting progressive Muslim. My apologies to Somi as well. That was a mistake.

        • I do want to bring up that during jalsa now there is ladies broadcast for two years now. Something to look forward to. But I do see your point Rafiq, to answer doubts of many we must be transparent sometimes.

    3. The Khalifa of Islam should NEVER be compared to the “playboy mansion” that is disgusting. If the editor could please delete the comment that would be appreciated

    4. Somi, I have to correct you that the holy Prophet ( saw) never made a mistake.

      About the interpretation of Saudi women, u would have to ask them. Simple.

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