USA: Imam Nasir represents Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at Detroit’s Interfaith Event

“Ahmadiyya Muslim community is peaceful community. We spread peace and abide by the laws of the land“. – Said Imam Shamshad A. Nasir of the Ahmadiyya Masjid Mahmood in Rochester Hills.


Overall Gathering

Detroit Regional Interfaith Voice for Equity event was held on Jan 18th, 2018 at Serenity Christian Church (24120 N Chrysler Dr., Hazel Park, MI 48030).

The event started at 10 AM.


Ahmadiyya Muslim Imam Shamshad Nasir Sahib

Apostle John Harvey, the host of the event initiated the program with prayers followed by an Introduction of all the participants.


The Secretary (Rev. Louise R. Ott), The Chairman (Pastor Aramis Hinds) & The Host (Apostle John Harvey) [right to left]

The chairman, Pastor Aramis Hinds, Breakers Covenant welcomed all the participants and provided a high-level overview on the group DRIVE (DRIVE is an interfaith, non-partisan regional collection of congregations in the Detroit Metropolitan Area (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb Counties) and said: ‘Webelieve that faith communities have a role in shaping a healthy, just, and equitable region for all the people who live here.”


The chairman, Pastor Aramis Hinds, Breakers Covenant

Imam Shamshad Nasir Regional Imam and Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Detroit area Greeted the audience with happy new year and prayed: May God enables everyone to live with love, respect and peace. Imam Shamshad then clarified and explained the True teachings of Islam Ahmadiyyat about peace, respect to each other’s and loyalty to once country in which they reside.

He said:
“We belong to a religious community (Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) and have no connection with politics. Based on the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, we follow our God, our Prophet (peace be on him) and everyone in authority. We are loyal to our country where we live with the goal of achieving peace in this world. We are thankful that we have freedom to practice our faith here, in the USA.


Discussion with Secretary Rev. Louise R. Ott for future programs planning

Ahmadiyya Muslim community does not believe in strikes, rallies or protests against the government. Any such issues are dealt with dialogues, discussions and interfaith events etc.

There are many misconceptions about Muslims in this age and our goal is to meet and join such interfaith events to address these issues by sharing the knowledge, meeting each other and learn what we do”

Chairman Pastor Aramis Hinds, Secretary, Rev. Louise R. Ott acknowledged the message of Imam Shamshad Nasir  and commented in favor and aligned with helping each other by joining hands.

Sec. Rev. Louise also announced that we accept the invitation of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community To host this our meeting and gathering in their Mosque in Rochester Hills on March 15th, 2018 and the lunch will be served to all. All present accepted happily this announcement.

35 members participated in the program. The program ended with prayers by Apostle John Harvey, followed by Lunch and Social hour.

More than 75 pamphlets about Introduction to Islam and Ahmadiyyat and Jihad were distributed to the audience. 2 copies of selected sayings of the prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) also given to two religious leaders.

Many religious leaders met with Imam Shamshad during social hour and expressed their feelings of gratitude.

One leader said: “I’m really inspired by your message and really looking forward to meet with your congregations.”

Another said: I am facing similar challenges as your community and really like to come to your mosque with my congregations to remove our Misunderstandings.


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