Tunisia arrests 237 in clashes with protests as Jewish school gets attacked

Source: Reuters

By Tarek AmaraUlf Laessing

TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisian police arrested 237 people, including two Islamists, for attacking police stations and government buildings and for vandalism in anti-government protests, the interior ministry said on Wednesday, as a Jewish school was attacked.

Demonstrations broke out in the North African country on Sunday spreading since then to more than 20 towns as people protest against new tax and price increases imposed by the government on Jan 1 to reduce a ballooning deficit and satisfy foreign lenders.


While Tunisia is widely seen as the only democratic success story among the nations where Arab Spring revolts took place in 2011, it has had nine governments since then and none of them have been able to tackle growing economic problems.

Clashes erupted in more than 20 towns late on Tuesday, and some people also hurled petrol bombs at a Jewish school on the southern tourist island of Djerba, home to an ancient Jewish community.

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