Polygyny : Muslims Scared of His Other Wife

patheos.com: Polygyny (Polygamy) remains a contentious marital option in Muslims cultures globally. There is a spectrum of cultural contextual practices and notions about the institution. Muslims either are staunch proponents, vehement detractors or somewhere in between when it comes to how many women one man marries.



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  1. Just to add that ‘polygyny’ (polygamy) is not just a ‘Muslim issue’. In USA of course you have the Mormons. In Africa polygamy is as common with Christians and ‘other religions’ as it is with Muslims. Same with China. An official of the Australian Embassy told me when they launched the ‘Hong Kong special immigration program’ they noticed that many Hong Kong Chinese wanted to bring their ‘minor wives’ with them and they had to ‘bend rules’ to accommodate that.

    • polygyny is a way to exploit women. Polygyny is a cause of dysfunctional family life.

      Quran does not mandate multiple marriages for Muslims.

      Quran says “you will never be able to keep equality between wives, even if you strive to do so. Q 4:129

      “if you fear that you will not be just, then marry only one” Q 4:3

      Still, some Muslims feels they are blessed to marry four women at one time.

      It is a personal choice for men and women. They may choose what suits them the best.

      Finally, God is the Judge.

      • Alhamdolillah. Looks like you are a good husband. Well, what is the percentage of divorce? 30% or more? the most hateful of the permitted things. And the percentage of polygamy? 1% or less? – Yes, the perfect marriage is one happy couple. May most of us be able to reach perfection!!!

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