The day I accidentally killed a little boy

Source: BBC News

In 1977 Maryann Gray was a 22-year-old college graduate with her whole life ahead of her, when a little boy darted out in front of her car. For years, Maryann didn’t talk about Brian, but she thought about him constantly – and his death has had a lasting influence on her life.

I was in a terrific mood that day. I was moving from the little college town of Oxford in rural Ohio into a big old rambling house in Cincinnati with a bunch of other people. I was so excited.

I’d been in graduate school but I’d decided I was going to leave. I was happy not knowing what was coming next. I was going to get a job, have fun, see where my passions led me.

I was at the house – we called it an urban commune – painting the room I was moving into. When I finished I thought I’d drive back to my apartment in Oxford which was all packed up and ready for the move – it was a warm day in June and I thought it would be great to take a swim.

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