U.N. says ‘massive’ rights abuses in southern Philippines could intensify under martial law

Source: Reuters

GENEVA (Reuters) – A Muslim indigenous community in the southern Philippines has suffered widespread human right abuses that could intensify with President Rodrigo Duterte’s extension of martial law there, U.N.-appointed experts said.

Duterte has called the huge island of Mindanao a “flashpoint for trouble” and atrocities by Islamist and communist rebels. He placed it under martial law in May after Islamist militants took over the city of Marawi.

The five-month siege was the majority-Roman Catholic Philippines’ biggest security crisis in decades, killing more than 1,100 people, mostly militants.

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  1. Where there are extremist there are conflict —-the extremist Muslim alway create trouble and then bring disaster on them from Melawi— Rohingya— Pakistan— Afghanistan—-Iraq—-Syria—-North Africa—Yemen—-Palestine—-Next Saudi,—Gulf states—Iran.

    The Islamic world is getting worse and worse there is no hope for peace 2018. Peace will occur when Saudi obey human Right and then other Islamic countries will follow.

    Can King Salman reform the extremist ideology of Islam?
    This is a big question.


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