Trump Scorns Mainstream News, But Not The Christian Broadcasting Network

Source: NPR

Attacks on the press are a hallmark of President Trump’s style, and he has avoided much of the media, often preferring Twitter to sit-down interviews with journalists. But a religious TV network has scored interviews with Trump and members of his administration this year, surpassing more prominent networks and news organizations in its access to the administration.

The Christian Broadcasting Network, or CBN, is best known for The 700 Club — a Christian talk show that has been on the air for decades. It’s hosted by the controversial televangelist, one-time Republican presidential candidate and CBN founder Pat Robertson from the company’s headquarters on the campus of Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va.

After the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas in October, Robertson cited a Bible versewarning that wickedness will lead to “violence and strife.” He then made a connectionbetween violence in the U.S. and what he described as a lack of respect for authority, including a “profound disrespect of our president, all across this nation.”

Robertson has spoken favorably about Trump since the campaign. This summer, the two sat down for an interview, which Robertson opened by telling the president that he is “so proud of everything you’re doing.”

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