USA: Imam Nasir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community explains True Islam at Interfaith Symposium held in St. Peter’s Episcopal, Detroit

Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) was a champion of peace and his mission continues to be carried out by his subordinate His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, The promised Messiah” said Imam Nasir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Report by Muhammad Ahmad Detroit

Interfaith Symposium titled “Connecting Our Hearts, Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Work” was held at the St. Peter’s Episcopal in Detroit Michigan on December 21, 2017. The event was co-sponsored by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, IHM Sisters, Marygrove Masters in Social Justice, Meta Peace Team, Friends of Immigrants, Poor People’s Campaign, We Stand with our Neighbors and Detroit Light Brigade.

The Speakers from each organization provided their perspective on wide range of issues including Social Justice, Poverty, Hunger, Exploitation of young boys and girls, Immigration Issues and lack of peace in our society.

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The program started with Prayers led by Yusif Barakat. The host church’s Director Kim Redigan welcomed all interfaith leaders and provided brief introduction of the speakers.

Nina Rodriguez from “Friends of Immigrants” provided real life stories of immigrants who came to the US when they were really young and have been working here in the US and raising their families under Dreamer ACT and now will lose protection under the current Administration.


This was followed by Imam Steve Mustapha Elturk of Islamic Center of North America who spoke on the importance of diversity and quranic teachings of equality among all human beings irrespective color, creed or language. He read translation of some verses of the Holy Quran. Imam also read a portion from the last sermon of Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be on him at Hajj.


Barbara Harvey from Jewish Voice for Peace Detroit Chapter spoke on new developments of moving the Israelis’ capital and what negative consequences it would bring. She also spoke in favor of two state solution and giving dignity to the Palestinian people. She described stories of various Palestinian families who have been brutalized by the Israel’s armed forces.


Imam Shamshad Nasir after introducing the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, focused his speech on lack of fear of God and lack of connection to God and righteousness, in our lives as the leading reason for so many social and justice related problems.

He elaborated that if everyone could simply follow the teachings of their scriptures and holy founders that will be enough to bring peace in the world and in our individual lives, for example he said, Jesus Christ said, if any one slaps you on your right cheek then turn the left one, does any Christian follow this teaching he inquired from people, every one answered NO, Imam quoted verses from the Holy Quran that there is no superiority of white man over a black or yellow. God Almighty has simply created us in different skin colors, languages and so that we can recognize and appreciate each other. Only those have superiority in the eyes of Almighty then ones that are pious.

He highlighted the fact that these days we have forgotten the teachings and traditions of the holy founders of each religion. Youth have no interest in the religion and hence the churches, Synagogues and mosques rarely see the youth attend these places of worship. Human being in general has lost the connection with the creator.

He described how harmony can be created in one’s life by having respect for everyone irrespective if race or religion. Imam gave examples from the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) and how he treated jewish, Christian and people of other faiths with utmost respect and dignity. Imam said that Prophet Muhammad (saw) was champion of peace for all time, and now his mission is carried out by the Promised Messiah and Ahmadiyya Muslim members all over the world.

Imam later invited the guests to visit the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s mosque and gave the book “Life of Muhammad” to each of the speakers as a gift.

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